Umbilical Cord blood - A savior !

by Deepika Pramod Chopda 30 Apr 2013
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By  Deepika Pramod Chopda
Research Analyst, Internal

30 Apr 2013 04:54

I had interned with LifeCell during my under grad covering stem cell isolation from umblical cord blood cells .No reimbursement and high costs restricts their clientele.

LifeCell also has started stem cell collection using menstrual blood, a procedure which was got to India from US based Cryo-Cell International. Worked on the analysis of this procedure in the Indian market as a second project with the company when I was in Warwick.

No doubt it is an interesting concept but, we need to wait and see it's rate of adoption for treatment of diseased conditions.

By  Divyaa Ravishankar
Senior Industry Analyst, Frost & Sullivan

30 Apr 2013 04:36

True that ! - I can tell you from my learn experience ( seeing is believing ) Many companies like Lifecell ( they are no 1 in india) are minting money out of this business.. I wouldn't say there is no awareness but, i still see speculations especially because this procedure amounts to anywhere between 70,000 - 1 00,000 INR.( for a period of 20 years or so ) and the worst part is there is no reimbursement or coverage for it. Given all these, obstructive forces the growth in cord blood banks atleast in India would still be slow. A common man cannot afford it. It would be interesting to learn , if there is any sort of coverage provided my medicare in the U.S and other regions.

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