Once Enrolled, HIXs Will Need to Engage New Members

by Patrick Riley 31 Jul 2013
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There is a huge up-side to enabling previously disenfranchised segments of our population to purchase health insurance. That is the whole point of a health insurance exchange (HIX), or marketplace, as the Obama administration likes to refer to them. In theory, once enrolled the vast majority of people will utilize appropriate portals access care efficiently and ultimately improve their health and that of their families.

But, we must keep these new members engaged once enrolled as well. And this may prove to be more of a daunting task than anticipated, due to the fact that many of these folks  have never had to navigate our health system before. So, simple compliance issues like taking prescribed medicine may be a challenge. To that end, Hospitals & Health Networks magazine has just published an article that supports strongly engaging patients using medicine compliance as the example. By just communicating and following up with patients encouraging them to take all their medicine, when they are supposed to, reduced costs significantly, improved outcomes, and patient satisfaction.

I encourage all parties to look beyond enrollment, although it is the 900 pound gorilla on everybody's horizon at the moment, and become innovative and strategic with patient engagement initiatives. We will need all of them.

Please look for more from me on and about HIXs. I welcome your feedback and comments.

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