Less than 45 Days Until HIX Debut

by Patrick Riley 19 Aug 2013
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Americans with incomes between 100% and 400% of the federal poverty level -- or about $23,500 to $94,000 for a family of four are eligible for federal subsidies on a sliding scale to offset monthly premiums.

These health insurance exchanges or what the administration wants to refer to now as marketplaces are intended to make shopping for health insurance much more attractive and easy than the current system. Exchange shoppers will be asked to fill out a singular insurance application which will then indicate if they can qualifiy for a tax credit on their premium, help with cost-sharing or if they qualify for state Medicaid. There is a tool to calculate online, your potential for premium assistance. It is estimated to take two weeks to qualify and for the policy to go into effect so signing up by December 16th should allow you to begin receiving care on January 1st.

You can use the Internet, phone, mail or in person at a retail storefront center to sign up. If you elect to use an enrollment center there will be "navigators" there to help you enroll and even in some states insurance agents and brokers. So, in theory, we have plans, resources at the ready.

Tomorrow we will discuss the 4 levels of coverage you will have to choose from. You can follow me on Twitter @Patrick_FrostHC

I welcome your feedback and comments.

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