19 States Running Their Own HIXs Predict Higher Enrollment Numbers Than HHS

by Patrick Riley 20 Aug 2013
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USA Today conducted a state by state query to find out how many new insurance customers they expect to enroll using health insurance exchanges or marketplace come October 1. The numbers reported from the 19 states who filed with HHS to run their own exchanges are higher than what the feds are predicting. These 19 states predict almost 8.5 million new insured customers in 2014. The federal government is predicting just 7 million for all 50 states.

Estimates from individual states are based on the number of reported uninsured and through disussions with state agencies responsible for enrollment, there is much desire for current uninsured workers to have health insurance, some for the very first time. Compound this with the fact that the employers of this same population will not offer health insurance as a benefit in the coming year as well. So, what you have is a very optimistic prediction for enrollment, which most analysts believe is a good thing.

This process, HIX, is a function of how many people enroll, and how many people will have access to solid primary care which looks to prevent chronic disease. Numbers may decide the success or failure, but access to care should be the metric regardless of numbers.

I will continue to write on health insurance exchanges and report on initial thoughts and enrollment numbers. I welcome your feedback and thoughts. You can follow me on Twitter @Patrick_FrostHC

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