Washington State Unveils and Smart and Aggressive Campaign to Launch Health Insurance Marketplace

by Patrick Riley 27 Aug 2013
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Washington state is one of 16 states that chose to create and run their own health insurance marketplace. Since that declaration there has been sizable progress towards designing and understanding the nuances of going into the health insurance business, something most states wanted no part of.

Seeing this progress, solid thinking, and integration of state policy along with health policy come together in myriad ways across many state capitols and furthermost rural areas around the country makes me wonder if, coincidentally, we have designed a scientific study, forgive me, with a control. The hypothesis is that states who run their own insurance marketplaces will do a much, much better job that those who leave it to big government. So, to test this, we have 16 states launching their own versions that meet federal mandates of course, but, none the less are unique products of their individual and sovereign state. The control is the remaining states who have done literally nothing, like Texas, to explore the feasability of offering health insurance to the uninsured and have left if to the federal govenment, distancing themselves politically and publicly from the entire process.

In about 40 days we will see who prevails. All that remains is the Null hypothesis, or if we do nothing, which, I would have to say would be, again, Texas. We can compare the results of the federal run exchanges with the state run. I like New York and I am happy to put them head to head with the Lone Star State. Time will tell.

You can follow me on Twitter @Patrick_FrostHC and continue to read my daily blog on health insurance exchanges. i welcome your commentary.

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