Kaiser Family Foundation Offering Video Series on Health Insurance Marketplaces

by Patrick Riley 19 Sep 2013
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I have been a fan of the Kaiser Family Foundation for years. Their coverage of healthcare issues in America is comprehensive, objective, and insightful. Most recently, they have put together a series of 1 to 3 minute daily videos explaining the tenets of the online health insurance marketplaces which will commence on October 1st. Whether they are explaining the 4 plans offered, including the catastrophic plan for people under age 30 or the 10 essential health benefits, Kaiser has found the perfect mix of video, because we live in a YouTube world, and attention span, less than 3 minutes for  most of us.

The on air talent, or spokeswoman, has the broadcast presence of a Catholic Nun, convervative, but scholarly, but not too academic. Her delivery is factual, with a Walter Cronkite believeability. But, beyond that, the script writing is succinct, understandable, and explanatory. Such so, that when the episode is over, you find yourself saying to yourself, "OK, I think I get it now."

As Kathleen Sebelius stumps the countryside delivering speech after speech about "how they'll be ready on October 1st", perhaps she should just plug in her iPad to the biggest LCD in the room and go to Kaiser's video series and then listen to the questions, scroll the series, find the video that answers that query, and press PLAY and sit back and smile.

For a look at all Kaiser is doing to explain health care reform and the health insurance marketplaces go to to their health-reform site.

You can follow my continued discussion on health care reform and the health insurance marketplaces on Twitter @Patrick_FrostHC.

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