House Budget Vote Today Includes Article to De-Fund the ACA

by Patrick Riley 20 Sep 2013
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House Speaker, John Boehner (R-Ohio) announced that the vote taken Friday, September 20th will include a provision to the bill that calls for de-funding the Affordable Care Act. Over the summer, much energy has been created in pushing the Speaker to call for this vote, one that would de-fund what the GOP refers to as Obamacare. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has led the charge and has been lobbying his fellow Republicans to join him in this last ditch effort to entangle a possible government shut-down with stopping the flow of money to implement the Affordable Care Act. But, this continued sound bite has angered and even distanced many fellow Republicans.

Even John McCain (R-Arizona) commented this week that there was no chance for the de-fund element of the FY 2014 House budget bill to pass in the Senate. Meanwhile, the White House has made it very clear that the Presdident will veto any piece of legislation that comes to him with language stipulating the removal of funding for fielding the Affordable Care Act. Yet, Cruz and his supporters continue to hammer away at the chance to kill Obamacare. This is causing conflict within the Republican party and potentially forcing John Boehner's hand in deciding which faction of the party he will side with, be it the hard right Tea-Party members or the mainstream caucus that is trying to overhaul the GOP before the 2014 mid-term elections to make the party appear more lady and minority friendly.

The Democrats and the White House appear to be willing to step to the edge of the so called fiscal cliff and government default perhaps seeing a public relations opportunity to pit the GOP as the bad guys causing an unprecedented inability of the US to pay its bills in hopes that the required House seats could be seized to take away the Republican hold on the House of Representatives in 2014.

The battle is far from over but sustaining health insurance marketplaces, of course, will need funding. So, today's vote in Washington is important and needs to be followed closely.

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