Affordable Care Act Funding Survives Senator Ted Cruz's Talkathon

by Patrick Riley 26 Sep 2013
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Freshman Senator Ted Cruz from Texas has been on a one-man crusade in Washington to defund the Affordable Care Act. After his 22-hour Senate floor oratory had come to an end, within 60 minutes Mr. Cruz was on the air, still talking, sharing the microphone with Rush Limbaugh.

The previous evening Cruz cited Dr. Seuss in his argument to remove funding for the implementation of the health insurance marketplaces and the expansion of Medicaid. His remarks and singular tactic of talk-a-thon rhetoric spawned comments from leaders of his own party that indicate his efforts were not truly appreciated by at least some of the GOP. Senator John McCain called his actions as "irrational" and Senator Peter King even called Cruz a "fraud." Yet, the far right tea-party caucus of the Republican party viewed his continued dogged attempts to first repeal, then de-fund the President's healthcare law as laudatory, elevating him to rock-star status.

In the end, Mr. Cruz voted along side his Democratic colleagues across the aisle to begin a 30 hour debate on the spending bill that came to the Senate from the House last week which included the rider to de-fund Obamacare. It is very unlikely, in the Democratic controlled Senate for this provision to survive and make it's way back to the House. Yet, Cruz has shown the exposed underbelly of the polar opposition to the Affordable Care Act that still exists between political parties in Washington.

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