When Can We See Web Analytics for the HIXs Run by the Feds?

by Patrick Riley 17 Oct 2013
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Republicans and Democrats, in a surprising bi-partisan request, want to know how the federally run health insurance marketplaces are doing? And patience is waning. With the government back in business and fiscal cliff avoided, albeit momentarily, Congress is sure to call for immediate hearings when the House is back in session next week.

The issue at hand is trying to get any information out of CMS, HHS, and the White House have categorically and definitively refused to reveal any enrollment data, much less any Web analytics such as unique visits, bounce rates, geo-data, nothing, nada. Why?

The daily White House press briefings reveal less and less each day, which simply means the rhetoric expands but leads to another dark-hole of "Well, we're looking at the data and it would be premature" to "All our effort is focused on fixing the "glitches" and that is where it will remain." What does that mean?

But, a fight is brewing as journalists, politicians, and now insurance CEOs want to know what is happening. Any Web developer or interactive neophyte knows how to install and look at Google Analytics. Yet, the feds continue to stone wall. Could it be the results are that bad. Doubtful. Could it be they simply do not know how to get the data? Or, the Web design and back-end build out is spewing bad data, which happens. In any event, next week will see increased clamoring for data, anything. It man very well be the worst of times or the best of times for Secretary Sebelius in the coming days. I suspect, for her and the White House as well as CMS Director, Marilyn Tavenner, the weeks ahead will be memorable, but not for celebration.

You can follow my writings and comments on health insurance marketplaces on Twitter @Patrick_FrostHC.

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15 Jun 2017 04:35
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