Sebelius Testimony Follows Tavenner's Remarks to Congress - ACA Implementation Crumbling

by Patrick Riley 04 Nov 2013
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Last week I happened to be in Kansas, the state where HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius once served as Governor. I was curious as to how the good folks in Manhattan, Kansas feel about their former chief executive being maligned by the national media and being asked to step down for gross negligence and the failure of the government health insurance marketplace Website.

Interesingly enough, the people I spoke with, to a person, defened Ms. Sebelius and encouraged all of us to have patience. They did not see a need for her to resign or for the President to fire her. Most agree though, the initial launch of the Website or, is, and continues to be, a fiasco. Unacceptable.

Removing Sebelius's former position and state of residence from the equation, everyone I talked to is highly critical of Obamacare. And I would agree with them at this point. Listening to Marilyn Tavenner say that CMS had planned on traffic to to be "3 times what they experienced when the Medicare Part D initial site launched 10 years ago." Wait, say that again. Medicare Part D is a pharmacy benefit for Medicare eligibles, or people over the age of 65 or folks totally disabled. Not exactly Internet savvy healthcare consumers. It was if they planned on utlization for a new roller coaster ride based on the behavior of senior citizens.

Jeffrey Zienst has been installed as the "Techie in Chief" and what does he do? He immediately promises everything "will be fixed by November 30th." How can he possibly make that statement to the American people. Since that revelation he has solicited experts from Verizon and Google in hopes of sorting out all the challenges and problems. Yet, each 24 hour period that passes, crashes and nobody, not all the kings horses or all the kings men can seem to fix it.

Sebelius have still not released any Web analytics adding both skepticism and doubt to the equation. Are the figures that bad or do they just not know how to retrieve them yet? Perhaps, both scenarios are more of the truth. In any event, the American people have lost faith and more importantly, hope that Obamacare is what it was promised to be. In fact, the President has changed his rhetoric as millions are receiving notifications that they have lost coverage from, "If you want to keep your health plan, you can!" to "The vast majority of Americans can keep their current health care coverage."

Day after day, more doubt and stunning inept facts are revealed about how poorly the administration handled the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Peggy Noonan on This Week with George Stephanopholous remarked that "the administration had 3 and one half years to get this right and what emerged was the most incompetent execution of any government program in history."

Clearly, we as Americans, may have to go back to the basics in getting healthcare right. I have very little conviction that the people in charge can get this done.

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