Differentiation is the way forward in EHR market: BlueStep/BridgeGate EHR Designed for LTPAC

by Elizabeth Tedsen 12 Aug 2014
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The healthcare market has hundreds of electronic health record (EHR) vendors competing neck-to-neck to differentiate their products and services. Most EHR systems were born out of a need to account and bill for care rather than to improve care coordination between healthcare providers. It is our pleasure to introduce a clinically driven EHR solution designed specifically for the long-term and post-acute care (LTPAC) market to improve quality of care.

Very recently, I had the opportunity to interact with Mr. Zane Schott, VP of Business Development from BlueStep/BridgeGate Health – a leading provider of information management solutions for healthcare. The company combines two innovative technologies: BridgeGate, the U.S.’ most advanced systems integration technology used by SkyMall and Home Shopping Network and BlueStep, a configurable web-based application platform with a native EHR designed specifically for LTPAC to connect all users including residents and their families. The combination delivers full-spectrum automation of clinical and financial workflows while enabling information sharing across the continuum. Here are the excerpts from our conversation on what differentiates the BlueStep EHR from the rest of the pack.

Interoperability is the single, most value added feature of the BlueStep EHR as it can be integrated with all the ancillary systems in a provider’s healthcare environment. The unified platform of the clinical EHR allows for a consolidated view, while traditional systems are focused on silos-based management.

Another key strength offered by the BlueStep EHR is the level of customization offered to customers. The company recognizes that though a standardized template can address most of the requirements of organizations delivering care, there are several functional role requirements that can only be achieved by modifying the configuration. Hence, BlueStep focuses on specialized care models and care pathways that can easily be represented in their platform.

Compliance is a core area of focus for the company as it recognizes that compliance requirements in healthcare are highly dynamic, and this constant change needs to be anticipated as well as managed. Hence, at the core, the system is designed as a rapid application development platform, to focus on the critical need at any particular time. The configuration can be changed based on customer needs now and in the future, as it allows users to add functionalities quickly and responsibly. As a result, any change in compliance such as transition to SNOMED CT or a shift from ICD 9 to ICD 10, does not require hard coding, but needs only modification of the configuration. Also, as the solution is database driven, any given change means that the metadata surrounding a particular field also changes thereby automatically updating the configuration throughout the system. An event driven architecture allows the system to receive notifications on the go that is converted into actionable information. This differentiating feature allows the BlueStep EHR to help in clinical decision support and forms the underlying foundation of the solution.

While there are hundreds of EHR systems to choose from, a majority are not designed for LTPAC and are unable to exchange data with disparate systems. Unbeknownst to many, LTPAC organizations — with or without an EHR — can still contribute patient assessment information to any health information exchange (HIE) to ensure care coordination between healthcare providers. One way to accomplish this is through KeyHIE Transform™, a software solution developed by Geisinger Health System and powered by BridgeGate. KeyHIE converts the minimum data set (MDS) of patient assessment information that nursing homes transmit to CMS for billing to a Continuity of Care Document (CCD) that is sent to the health information exchange using the same standards endorsed by the ONC for Stage 2 Meaningful Use requirements. This standard format enables a nursing home or home health agency to share information with other care providers within and across their HIE. The low cost web-based service is now available to any nursing home, home health agency, or health information exchange organization in the U.S.

When it comes to EHRs, LTPAC has been the most ignored segment of healthcare but that seems to be changing. The high functionality of the BlueStep EHR combined with high level of integration from BridgeGate makes BlueStep/BridgeGate Health a front runner in delivering best-in-class health IT services for LTPAC, and a company to watch out for in the EHR space.

For additional information, please contact:

Shruthi Parakkal, Healthcare IT Analyst, Frost and Sullivan,

Mr. Zane Schott, VP of Business Development, BlueStep/BridgeGate Health,

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