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HHS Looking for Answers to Fix Website

In just a little over a week HHS officals are commenting that they have "fixed" the most damaging Website glitches and outages. Repairs include increasing server capacity and almost hourly software updates in a rabid attempt to stem the tide of criticism and consumer angst. is the URL that 36 states are using concurrently to enroll n...

Health Insurance Marketplace "Glitches" Tracked to Software Mishaps

The New York Times today is reporting, for the first time, comments made by Todd Park, who is the President's go to guy for technology, and has the unenviable task of sorting out the digital conundrum surrounding online health insurance marketplace enrollment shortcomings. Mr. Park expalined, "the failure occurred in the part of the Website (www.he...

States Not Expanding Medicaid Leave Millions Uninsured

An estimated 2/3 of the poor, minority, and unwed mothers along with low-wage earners will be ineligible for health insurance, despite implementation of the Affordable Care Act. This reality will be most prevelant in states that elected to not expand Medicaid with federal assistance. This population is estimated to be at least 8 million of the poor...

Demand for Health Insurance Marketplaces Online is Solid - Even Overwhelming

I was involved in healthcare interactive work for a few years, building Websites, online SEO, mobile applications, smartphone and tablet work in Objective C and Titanium and each and every site or app I worked on had "glitches." In fact, we planned for them, allowed time after the "go live" date to fix, what we called, bugs. Again, it always happen...

And They're Off! Health Insurance Marketplace Launch - October 1, 2013

As it happens, I was in our nation's capital for the past two days, on the very eve of the launch of the much maligned and much touted health insurance marketplaces, which were once called exchanges. But, nothing in my travels down K Street and a walk past the White House gave any indication of this historic moment was about to be born. Instead, th...

Draft Guidance for Industry on Streamlined Development Program for Antibacterial Drugs: Review of FDA Webinar

The FDA has been on a roll with new guidance for industry, this time for an area in dire need of innovation and drug development activity – serious bacterial infections.  The GAIN act (Generating Antibiotic Incentives Now) which was signed into law in July of 2012 authorized a streamlined development process for antibacterial drugs meeting certain ...

Affordable Care Act Funding Survives Senator Ted Cruz's Talkathon

Freshman Senator Ted Cruz from Texas has been on a one-man crusade in Washington to defund the Affordable Care Act. After his 22-hour Senate floor oratory had come to an end, within 60 minutes Mr. Cruz was on the air, still talking, sharing the microphone with Rush Limbaugh. The previous evening Cruz cited Dr. Seuss in his argument to remove fundi...

Federally Run Exchanges to Offer More Plans and Lower Premiums Than Predicted

Health and Human Services (HHS) released a highly anticipated report today on health plan premiums and participation in the 36 states where the federal government is fully or partly running the new insurance marketplaces. The report indicates that consumers in these states can expect a robust portfolio of health plans to choose from with lower than...

Healthcare Transformation in America Will Not Come and Go on October 1st

A pass through Sunday talk shows with assembled round-table "discussions" invariably led to the topic of a government shutdown looming with the funding of the affordable care act held hostage. Further reading of the New York Times and Washington Post reaffirmed the insistence that the efforts of Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) to force the vote this pas...

Transformation of Healthcare - Moving Towards Value, Not Volume

What began in 2009 as a movement towards universal coverage and legislation to mandate all eligible Americans to have health insurance, now is caught in the "death roll" of U.S. politics. Around the globe costs for the delivery of health care continue to rise, out-pacing  country GDPs and physician quality variance expands or ebbs on a scale that i...

[VIDEO] Connected Health Markets - Landscape, Value Creation, and the Future of Healthcare

Daniel Ruppar, Global Research Director of Frost & Sullivan's Connected Health program was recently interviewed by HandsOnTelehealth CEO Nirav Desai on a variety of points regarding telehealth, mHealth and other important transformative markets in healthcare. In this interview, Daniel talks in depth about why there is such an interest in connected...

House Budget Vote Today Includes Article to De-Fund the ACA

House Speaker, John Boehner (R-Ohio) announced that the vote taken Friday, September 20th will include a provision to the bill that calls for de-funding the Affordable Care Act. Over the summer, much energy has been created in pushing the Speaker to call for this vote, one that would de-fund what the GOP refers to as Obamacare. Senator Ted Cruz (R-...


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