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Consumer Surveys Indicate HIX and ACA Knowledge Does Not Match Reported CMS Readiness

A recent Kaiser Family Foundation poll finds that consumers are woefully under and ill informed when it comes to the ACA and implementation elements such as health insurance exchanges. We know that Dr. Mandy Cohen, the CMS administrator responsible for HIX enrollment reported earlier this week that CMS "is ready." While at the same time, it appears...

Dr. Mandy Cohen, Senior Adviser to Marilyn Tavenner, CMS Administrator, says "We're Going to be Ready" October 1st

Yesterday, in Chicago the keynote address at the National Association of Community Health Centers' Community Health Institute meeting to discuss health insurance exchanges or marketplaces as Kathleen Sebelius at HHS likes them referred to was given by the senior adviser to the CMS Administrator,  Mandy Cohen, MD. With less than 40 days until the ac...

Washington State Unveils and Smart and Aggressive Campaign to Launch Health Insurance Marketplace

Washington state is one of 16 states that chose to create and run their own health insurance marketplace. Since that declaration there has been sizable progress towards designing and understanding the nuances of going into the health insurance business, something most states wanted no part of. Seeing this progress, solid thinking, and integration ...

States HInting That Actual Online Enrollment for Insurance Marketplaces Will Not Happen

The Washington Post is reporting that the ability to actually "click" a purchase icon on a state insurance marketplace and buy health insurance October 1st may not be possible. Many states are quick to point out though that this disclosure should not be problematic. The plan for states like Oregon, Califiornia, and the District of Columbia is to le...

Don't rip and replace, use dbMotion-a couple points from Allscripts ACE 2013 in Chicago

Allscripts ACE event 2013 – Chicago, IL, August 20-23, 2013 The Allscripts Client Experience (ACE) is the company’s annual user conference. It offers registrants access to educational sessions, networking opportunities and more. During the event, Allscripts shows clients how to get even more value from the s...

Innovation and Smart Thinking Being Used in States Running Their Own HIX

The 16 states and District of Columbia are cranking up their efforts to encourage millions to enroll in their insurance marketplaces come this October. The marketplaces created as a part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are the integral component of healthcare reform designed to expand healthcare insurance coverage to uninsured people. California ...

New York State Going All In Creating a Bona Fide Brand for its HIX

According to the Syracuse - Post Standard, a newspaper I used to deliver as a young man, New York State has hired the services of New York Ad Agency giant, DDB to develope the name, logo and ad campaign for the upcoming open enrollment period for the Empire State's health insurance marketplace ( You guessed ...

19 States Running Their Own HIXs Predict Higher Enrollment Numbers Than HHS

USA Today conducted a state by state query to find out how many new insurance customers they expect to enroll using health insurance exchanges or marketplace come October 1. The numbers reported from the 19 states who filed with HHS to run their own exchanges are higher than what the feds are predicting. These 19 states predict almost 8.5 million n...

Less than 45 Days Until HIX Debut

Americans with incomes between 100% and 400% of the federal poverty level -- or about $23,500 to $94,000 for a family of four are eligible for federal subsidies on a sliding scale to offset monthly premiums. These health insurance exchanges or what the administration wants to refer to now as marketplaces are intended to make shopping for health in...

Will Politics or the Movement for Transforming Healthcare in America Prevail in 2014?

Dr. Don Berwick, the father of The Triple Aim solution for healthcare, scolded industry leaders last week to "not focus solely on profit" as a cure all for healthcare in America. He suggested that his formula for controlling per capita costs, increasing access, and improving quality outcomes may be missing an ideological socio-economic foundation, ...

Medtronic Advances Healthcare Services and Solutions Strategy with Acquisition of Cardiocom - The Analyst Perspective Medtronic, Inc. announced the closing of the acquisition of Cardiocom, a privately held developer and provider of integrated telehealth and patient services for the management of chronic diseases, in an all cash transaction valued at $200 million. The Analyst’s Per...

Vast Differences Between States Readiness for HIX Go-Live Date

States such as New York and Connecticut, who opted to run their own HIX, are ramping up strategically and with forward thinking to be ready to begin enrolling people who need health insurance this October. Connecticut is opening 9 retail store fronts that will resemble Apple stores and New York's Governor Cuomo is personally involved in ensuring th...


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