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HIX Essential Health Benefits (EHB) Should Have a National Standard

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) decided that rather than establish a national standard for EHBs they would defer to the states to choose a set of plans to serve as a benchmark for each state. Whatever benefits or attributes this one plan offers in the 10 designated categories, the remaining plans must match as their essential elem...

29 Million Americans Expected to Enroll for Coverage Using an HIX by 2022

According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) 9 million eligible citizens will enroll for coverage using health insurance exchanges (HIXs) in 2014 and by 2022 an extimated 13 million more will sign up. These numbers indicate the sheer volume of newly insured or amended employer based (small business) patients immigrating into our health system...

HIX Questions Abound in New Hampshire

I recently spent a week in New Hampshire, the home of true democracy and town hall meetings. I attended such a meeting in Concord where the subject was health insurance exchanges.There was an overwhelming feeling of frustration and lack of information for attendees to digest and get answers. As the meeting drew on specifics began to emerge and the...

Everis discusses ehCOS and Frost & Sullivan Health IT Award

Everis discusses their ehCOS solution for healthcare IT – Winner of Frost & Sullivan’s New Product Innovation Award in Healthcare Information Technology Systems – Latin America, 2012. (Note: Video in Spanish) @danielruppar   ...

New Draft Guidance for Industry on Breakthrough Therapy Designation and Accelerated Approval: Review of FDA Webinar

The FDA hosted a live webinar this morning to present the new draft guidance for industry for fast track designation, breakthrough therapy designation, accelerated approval, and priority review designation. This is the first such guidance published by the FDA on the new Breakthrough Therapy Designation and Accelerated Approval. The intent of these ...

Welldoc Receives Approval for BlueStar - mHealth, prescribed with reimbursement, and in your car!

Source: Digital Health Summer Summit 2013, Welldoc, BlueStar, June 13-14, 2013 As the sister event to the Digital Health Summit (DHSS13) at the International Consumer Electronics Show in January, the Summer Summit is a premier, intimate, and unique forum devoted to the business of digital health. At this year’s event, Welldoc announced the approva...

Capitol Hill Grills Administration Officials Over "Data-Hub" for HIX Deployment

There were two hearings yesterday in Washington, one before the Ways and Means Committee and the other in front of the Energy and Commerce Committee. At the latter session, CMS Administrator Marilyn Tavenner testified. Most of the Congressional interest and questions surrounded the so called, "Data Hub." Ms. Tavenner described the data-hub as a ...

Unique Skill Sets Needed to Run Government Health Insurance Exchanges (HIXs)

For a federally run HIX to be successful it must compete in the same space as traditional insurance channels and beat them. This means whomever is in charge must be part Richard Branson (Entrepreneur), part Donnie Deutch (Marketing), and part Warren Buffet (Business acumen). At the same time, they must also be prepared for relentless scrutiny of ho...

Once Enrolled, HIXs Will Need to Engage New Members

There is a huge up-side to enabling previously disenfranchised segments of our population to purchase health insurance. That is the whole point of a health insurance exchange (HIX), or marketplace, as the Obama administration likes to refer to them. In theory, once enrolled the vast majority of people will utilize appropriate portals access care ef...

Health Insurance Exchanges (HIX) Must Explain Benefits and Costs

I am not a strong advocate of hospitals advertising. I spent 15 years in the marketing world where I toiled at writing healthcare campaigns for hospitals, health systems, and managed care firms throughout the country. As I matured and began to understand healthcare consumer behavior I learned, and had to keep it to myself, that money spent to adver...

Early Reports Suggest State Health Exchange (HIX) Rates are Lower Than Expected

As states contiue to prepare for a looming October 1st deadline for establishing an online portal for qualified citizens to buy health insurance, payers are publishing anticipated rates, and so far, it appears to be good news. Several factors will come into play: A state's regulations How many insurers will participate (size of the insurance r...

Connecticut State Run HIX to Offer Retail Sites for Enrollment that Resemble Apple Stores

In  Connecticut, which has elected to run its own health insurance exchange (HIX) they are very serious about encouraging their citizens to enroll. Planning includes a traditional comprehensive media plan with television, radio, bus-wraps, print, and out-of-home or billoards. But, they also have done some very innovative planning beyond a Mad Man'...


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