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IoT & Future of Healthcare Automation

Internet of Medical Things is a space we recently covered and has led to several other areas that we are now looking at - smart hospitals, smart healthcare in smart cities and more. Part of the Visionary Healthcare program's job is to not only look at how emerging technologies are impacting the industry today, but also to look at how they will evol...

Yorktel Introduces Univago HE™

Yorktel Introduces Univago HE™   Yorktel today introduced Univago HE described as the first and only all-inclusive telemedicine video services platform that delivers the versatility, reliability and security vital to affecting widespread telemedicine adoption.  Yorktel indicated that it designed the product from the ground up explicitly for telem...

ParExit: Does it impact process equipment manufacturers?

The US officially withdrew from the Paris Climate Agreement that was signed by 195 nations in 2016, aimed at controlling global warming. The agreement requested countries to work together to reduce the harmful emission such that the global temperature is limited to no more than 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. While there are geopolitical and eco...

Respondents Show Significant Interest in Developing Clinical NGS-based Tests for Infectious Disease Testing Applications

Published: 5 May 2017 Next-generation sequencing and the use of genomics in diagnosis and treatment have generated many headlines in recent years, both for advancements on the research front, as well as in the development of diagnostics and pharmaceutical products that leverage genomics in oncology and other early-adopting fields. The question is...

Potential Impact on Health IT as US Adjusts to Republican Sweep in Election 2016

  Nancy Fabozzi, Principal Analyst, Digital Health The stunning outcome of the 2016 presidential election has left us long on questions and short on detail as to what this decisive win portends for healthcare markets in general and health IT specifically.  Market impact will ultimately depend on how quickly Republicans are able to enact key hea...

A time of change in US HCIT? Trump wins US Presidency

Digital health is an area which has potential to bring disruptive change to healthcare. Two key facets which have supported this in the last decade have been the progression of digitization, as well as activities of the US government from the ACA, HITECH, Meaningful Use, etc…. With the win of Donald Trump as the next US President, this also is a s...

Digital Health M&A Deals You Need to Know from 1H 2016 - Mattel & Sproutling

Digital health is an area rampant with competition, winners, losers and promise. With that brings heavy interest in watching funding activities given the startup environment, as well as over time how those companies move to the next phase of lifecycle. According to StartUp Health, Digital Health funding has reached record levels of $3.9 Billion in ...


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