Top Trends in Telehealth, ATA 2017

Industry Confirms Telemedicine’s Value While the Question Persists—Is Anyone Making Money?
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Published: 29 May 2017

The American Telemedicine Association held its annual meeting in Orlando, Florida from April 23-25, 2017. This year’s conference was called Telehealth 2.0 and drew attendees from healthcare providers as well as a mix of established and start-up telehealth-focused companies. This growth insight presents an analysis of key takeaways and major themes of importance in telehealth in 2017, noteworthy vendor developments, findings from the event and analyst opinion on what this means for the area. Among the major themes included are the need for the industry to get past trials, achieve larger scale implications and the ongoing challenges posed by the lack of a standard reimbursement model across all regions and demographic groups.



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