2017 PCHA and Partners HealthCare Connected Health Conference

Top Digital Health Takeaways and Analyst Perspectives
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Published: 28 Dec 2017

The Connected Health Conference is one of the leading digital health events in the US market. The theme of the 2017 conference was: “The Connected Life Journey: Shaping Health and Wellness for Every Generation.” The goal was to place less emphasis on the bells and whistles of technology while focusing more on the human element of connected health. Frost & Sullivan was in attendance and presents highlights, opinions, and market predictions emerging from this signature industry event. Healthcare’s digitization is leading to an explosion of electronic data across all healthcare industry segments. Health-related digital data is pouring in from a variety of sources including electronic health records, billing and medical claim systems, and a plethora of health monitoring devices. Profound changes are occurring in the day-to-day practice of medicine as well as the core operations of providers. New approaches are essential and inevitable to ensure the transition to an era in healthcare that emphasizes quality and safety, coordinated patient care, evidence-based medicine, outcome-based reimbursement, efficient resource allocation, and increased engagement of consumers and patients. This Growth Insight includes a high-level overview of the conference and keynote addresses from Dr. Joseph Kvedar, Partners HealthCare; Dr. Adrienne Boissy, Cleveland Clinic; Rick Valencia, Qualcomm Life; Carla Kriwet, Philips Connected Healthcare and Informatics; and Dr. Calum MacRae, Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Analyst-identified key takeaways also are presented. Developments of company in attendance also are discussed. They include Bosch Healthcare, Intel Corporation, MediSafe, Medtronic, AllazoHealth, Orbita, Philips and Validic.



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