Innovations in Digital Health, Biomanufacturing, Biopharmaceuticals, Genomics, and Diagnostics

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Published: 17 May 2019

The Life Science, Health & Wellness TechVision Opportunity Engine (TOE) covers innovations and new developments across global digital health, biomanufacturing, pharmaceutical, biological, genomic and diagnostic landscapes. This TOE also analyzes research advances across immune-oncology and depression. The Life Science, Health & Wellness TOE will feature disruptive technology advances in the global life sciences industry. The technologies and innovations profiled will encompass developments across genetic engineering, drug discovery and development, biomarkers, tissue engineering, synthetic biology, microbiome, disease management, as well as health and wellness among several other platforms. The Health & Wellness cluster tracks developments in a myriad of areas including genetic engineering, regenerative medicine, drug discovery and development, nanomedicine, nutrition, cosmetic procedures, pain and disease management and therapies, drug delivery, personalized medicine, and smart healthcare. Keywords: Digital health, digital therapy, video game, liquid biopsy, exsomes, cancer therapy, toxin scaffolds, immuno-oncology, monoclonal antibody, viral vector, gene therapy, CRISPR, gene editing, diagnostics, artificial intelligence, drug, discovery, infectious disease, magnetic resonance diagnostics, microfluidics, point-of-care diagnostics, genomics, gene sequencing, machine learning, complete blood count, ELISA, CMO, biomanufacturing, acquisition, contract manufacturing, probiotic, microbiome, neurodegeneration, Parkinson’s, cardiovascular disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, ALS, drug resistance, organ-on-a-chip, depression


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