Plastics for the Automotive, Horticulture, 3D Printing, Consumer Goods, and Construction Sectors

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Published: 10 Nov 2017

This edition of the Plastics Advisor TOE profiles sustainable plastic alternatives for applications in automotive, horticulture, 3D printing, and consumer goods. It also profiles technologies of biobased plastics made with the aid of microorganisms, and fluorinated plastics using Escherichia coli bacteria strain. In addition, a novel technology that utilizes plastic waste for more sustainable concrete production in the construction sector is presented. Plastics Advisor TechVision Opportunity Engine (TOE) provides intelligence on technologies, products, processes, applications, and strategic insights of various plastics and composites and also analyses their impact across various industries. The Materials and Coatings cluster tracks research and innovation trends and developments across specialty chemicals, plastics, polymers, chemicals, bio-chemicals, metals, coatings, thinfilms, surface treatments, composites, alloys, oil and gas, fuel additives, fibers, and several other related technologies and their impact and applications across industries. Keywords: Recycled plastics, superadsorbents, soya-derived bioplastics, reinforced plastics, engineered bacteria strain, thermoplastic polyester elastomers, fluorinated bioplastics


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