Technology Convergence Driving Smart Home Automation

Home Robots, Smart Lighting, Voice-activated Devices, Smart Home Hubs, Wearables, and Sensor-based Smart Devices are Encouraging Smart Home Automation
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Published: 8 May 2019

The Internet-of-Things (IoT) is witnessing large-scale realization with the growing importance of smart home devices and the increasing consumer demand for automation in order to enable convenient living as well as reduced consumption of energy. Connected living is gaining prominence owing to the various benefits associated with it, mainly its ability to provide enhanced security for the residents of the home. Advancements in technologies are further influencing adoption of smart devices which have a wide range of applications in the connected home ecosystem. Convergence of several technologies, such as sensors, wearables, robotics, smart home hubs and smart appliances are paving the way for the control of several applications in smart homes, thereby resulting in increased adoption globally. This research service, “Technology Convergence Driving Smart Home Automation” highlights the key enabling technologies leveraged for creating a connected home ecosystem. It also offers insights on individual technologies, key innovations, global products, and industry initiatives leading to developments in technologies enabling home automation. The scope of the research service is limited to technologies enabling home automation, such as voice activation, smart sensors, robotics, wearables, smart lighting, smart sensors, and smart home hubs. Key questions addressed in the research service include the following: What are the various technologies converging toward the development of home automation solutions? What are the factors influencing the adoption of smart devices? What are the applications of the technology in future homes? What are the industry initiatives driving the development of smart home technologies? What are the future growth opportunities and what is the way forward for future homes?



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