Innovations in RNA Interference and MicroRNA Therapies

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Published: 13 Apr 2018

This Drug Discovery TechVision Opportunity Engine (TOE) depicts new life sciences trends across RNA targeting technologies, such as RNA interference and microRNA therapies, aiming for accelerating drug discovery and development. The power of ‘druggable’ RNA propelling therapeutics discovery pathway is analyzed in-depth through notable innovations in microRNA-based platforms, self-delivered RNA interference-based liposomes, anti-code therapeutics, therapeutic ribonucleases, antisense drugs, RNA splicing modulation, exon skipping treatments, and microRNA programming. The corresponding clinical trial scenario involving RNA-based treatments is also depicted. The Drug Discovery TechVision Opportunity Engine (TOE) reports and analyzes about the latest developments in drug discovery and therapeutics, thereby providing an opportunity to acquire strategic insights into crucial developments in this industry domain. Technologies profiled include those used for biomarker and target discovery such as high throughput screening, signal transduction, micro array, RNAi, metabolomics, toxicogenomics, biosensors and nanotechnology. In addition to these, a fair focus shall be dedicated to the latest trends in therapeutic approaches across a diversity of diseases including infectious, genetic, metabolic, neurological, cardiac, and autoimmune disorders. The Health and Wellness cluster tracks developments in a myriad of areas including genetic engineering, regenerative medicine, drug discovery and development, nanomedicine, nutrition, cosmetic procedures, pain and disease management and therapies, drug delivery, personalized medicine, and smart healthcare. Keywords: microRNA-based platform, self-delivering RNA interference-based liposomes, next-generation therapeutics, short interfering RNA molecules, therapeutic anti-code candidates, therapeutic ribonucleases, transfer-RNA, precursor micro-RNA, RNAi therapeutics, hereditary amyloidoisis, second generation antisense drugs, RNA splicing modulation, cancer, exon skipping treatment, mRNA drug programming


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