Global Healthcare Industry Outlook, 2017

Value-based Care to Push Deployment of Sophisticated Outcomes-based Compensation Models, Driving Need for Consumer-centric Targeted Therapies
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Published: 16 Feb 2017

In this research deliverable, Frost & Sullivan’s senior analyst team provides bold perspectives and predictions for the global healthcare industry in 2017. The markets covered include pharmaceuticals and biotech, in-vitro diagnostics, medical devices, medical imaging, and healthcare IT. The analysis captures the impact of trends that are expected to transpire over the upcoming year as organizations shift to prepare for the future. This study provides guidance on where to find the greatest opportunities for expansion. Despite global political uncertainties and a sluggish economic outlook, 2017 will be an amped-up year for the global healthcare industry that promises partial realization of major health policies and initiatives. Future drugs and medical devices will be more targeted to meet the unique needs of emerging markets (e.g., China, India, Brazil) which demonstrate high growth opportunities compared against saturated developed markets in the Western hemisphere. For instance, in the United States and Western Europe, 2017 will be a tipping point for mainstream adoption of popular digital health solutions such as wearables and telehealth as well as a transition phase of noble technologies from research to actionable clinical applications (e.g., diagnostic tools, artificial intelligence, blockchain). The outlook foresees increased collaboration and M&A activities between the life sciences and medical device industries, in which product designs will support prevention of the onset of chronic and degenerative diseases. Key Predictions for 2017 Total Healthcare Industry Include: Action Taken on Prescription Drug Price Inflation – A strong push will occur towards price control and transparency measures around drugs. Phase 2 of Value-based Care Deployment - Countries spending >10% of their GDP on healthcare will have more impetus for value-based care. Tech Companies Get Serious About Healthcare - 2017 will mark a tangible shift for tech companies such as Apple, Google, and IBM towards more clinical-oriented solutions. Healthcare Investment to have a Record Year - Confluence of events is poised to make 2017 a banner year for VC investment in healthcare. Digital Transformation Modernizes Behavioral Health Treatment - Behavioral therapies will emerge as efficient alternatives in post-care settings and rehabilitation centers. Novel Point-of-care-testing (POCT) Tools Push Telehealth beyond Video Conferencing – The global POCT market is poised to reach over $10.5 billion during 2017. Consumer the New King in Healthcare Decision Making – Consumers become top influencers in healthcare decision making. Blockchain Technologies into the Healthcare World - Blockchain will become one of the most important technologies in the healthcare space. Key Questions This Study Will Answer: • What are the top healthcare market predictions for 2017? • What will the market revenue and growth rate look like for the global healthcare industry? • What are the key projections and trends for major healthcare market segments? • What are the major macro and micro regional/country-level trends specific to the healthcare industry? • What are the key technologies and trends to watch for during 2017?



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