Developments in Image-Guided Therapy, Forecast to 2020

A Prime Area for Multi-Modality Convergence Forming the Next Growth Segment in Medical Imaging
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Published: 22 Aug 2017

Medical imaging and informatics research service from the Transformational Health practice highlights the evolving trends and innovations in Image-Guided Therapy (IGT). As the fields of interventional imaging, minimally-invasive interventions, and image-guided surgery (IGS) continue to mature, the next step forward in the development of advanced treatment procedures is combining image guidance modalities with therapeutic modalities in real time. The emergence of IGT as a growing set of niche procedures is expected to push forward a number of clinical specialties, starting with oncology where it will boost the under-developed field of interventional oncology and in neurology where it will tackle some of the most under-served neurological conditions. Ultrasound shines in the IGT field, both as a guidance or as a treatment modality (focused, high-intensity ultrasound: FUS, HIFU), but virtually every other diagnostic imaging and treatment modality is finding its place in the IGT landscape that is shaping out. For example, as part of the spectrum of emerging IGT procedures is integrated MR-LINAC, which builds further than the current gold standard of image-guided-radiotherapy (IGRT) by providing real-time magnetic resonance image guidance, in a single gantry. This allows for a radiation where the region of interest can be segmented more precisely, the dose delivered and targeted more finely, and the risks of patient movement addressed more effectively. This research sheds light on the IGT technology advances, growth opportunity landscape, and market considerations that are aiding and hampering adoption in the marketplace. Philips Healthcare is clearly capitalising on IGT as a core pillar of its growth strategy in imaging, operating high-profile partnerships, acquisitions, and product launches in this area, and the competitive dynamics are heating up substantially. Key Questions this Study will Answer • What are the latest developments in image-guided therapy (IGT) industry? What does the role of advanced imaging look like in present-day interventional and therapeutic applications? • How are the multi-modality integration, image fusion, and real-time image guidance technologies shaping up next-generation IGT solutions? • What are the new products and solutions launched in the IGT industry? What does the future for IGT look like? What is the future market potential? • What are the key market trends? What are the key drivers and restraints impacting the growth opportunities in the global IGT market? • What are the top IGT applications gaining significance in the industry? Which are the applications clinically established? What are the applications in exploratory phase? • Who are the major market participants? What are their major product offerings? • How can the competitive landscape be characterised? Which vendors are dominating the market currently?



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