Growth Opportunities in the Global Cell Therapy Market, Forecast to 2025

A Robust Product Pipeline Creating Opportunities for Ground-breaking Combination Therapies is Set to Revolutionize the Global Cell Therapy Market
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Published: 24 Oct 2018

The global pharmaceuticals industry is continuously evolving to meet the requirements of a changing disease landscape. With the increasing prevalence of chronic infectious diseases and cancer, market needs are shifting from traditional small molecules to novel large molecule therapies, with cell therapies dominating the space. This study presents an overview of the global cell therapy landscape, with emphasis on the key trends and growth opportunities shaping the market. It highlights the emerging business models supporting the development and manufacture of these novel therapies. Due to the dynamic market landscape, Big pharma/bio-pharma players are looking to adopt a collaborative business approach by either signing co-development/ co-commercialization agreements or acquiring smaller niche players to gain a competitive advantage with respect to specific therapy areas or technology. The study also highlights some of the innovative payment models that will enhance patient access to these high-value therapies. In addition to the above-mentioned strategic analysis, the emerging business models of risk sharing and fast to market are also examined. The study aims to identify some of the key growth opportunities for the next few years. It presents revenue analysis of the global cell therapy market at global and regional levels. It presents some of the key market drivers and restraints that affect growth. Additionally, it gives an insight into the leading future trends shaping the global market and their long-term implications. There is also focus on the regulatory challenges faced by disruptive players in terms of market expansion or supporting drug development across emerging markets including China and South Korea.



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