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Advanced Coatings & Surface Technology covers the latest innovations and research in materials and processes that are designed to make a surface or substrate more useful, more durable, or more cost effective.

Title Published
Recent Developments in Coatings 14 Apr 2017
Coatings for Technical Fabrics 07 Apr 2017
Innovations in Advanced Coating Technologies 31 Mar 2017
Research Advances in Coatings 24 Mar 2017
Innovations in Powder Coatings 17 Mar 2017
High-performance Ceramic Coatings 10 Mar 2017
Research Advances in Biomimetic Coatings 03 Mar 2017
Sputtering Deposition Techniques Help Increase Coating Efficiency 24 Feb 2017
Applications of Polyurethane-based Coatings 17 Feb 2017
Barrier Films for Personal Care Applications 10 Feb 2017

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