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Industrial Bioprocessing provides you with the latest intelligence in the industrial bioprocessing field, including new processes to develop specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals, alternative fuels, and chemical feedstocks. Each week, Industrial Bioprocessing presents you with the latest news on R&D, new business ventures, mergers and acquisitions, as well as marketing and sales initiatives.

Title Published
Industrial Bioprocessing Alert. Novel Method Uses Bacteria for Protection of Seeds; Utilization of Wastewater for Production of Microalgal Biomass; Technology Enables Conversion of Biomass to BTX Chemicals 29 May 2015
Industrial Bioprocessing Alert. Double Cropping System to Produce Biomass and Vegetables; Biofuel Production Using Microalgae and Ambient Carbon Dioxide; Prevention of Post-Harvest Food Loss Using Ozone Treatment 22 May 2015
Industrial Bioprocessing Alert. Common Fungi Convert Biomass into Aviation Fuel; Phytoremediation and Bio-Augmentation for Removal of Polychlorinated Biphenyl from Soil 15 May 2015
Industrial Bioprocessing Alert. Plant Breeding Practice Improves Flavor and Nutrition of Squash; Algae-Based Closed Loop System for Piggery Effluents; Gene for Controlling Melting Point of Cocoa Butter Discovered 08 May 2015
Industrial Bioprocessing Alert. Studying Yeast Survival at High Temperatures for Good Tasting Beer; Production of Bio-Based Polymers from Lignin; Technique Enables Elimination of Rootstock Regrowth 01 May 2015
Industrial Bioprocessing Alert. Food Waste as Source of Bioenergy; Faster, Improved Biomass Production Enabled by Gene Manipulation; Engineered Water Nanostructures Replace Chemical Detergents in the Food Industry 24 Apr 2015
Industrial Bioprocessing Alert. Rubber from Prickly Lettuce as Alternative to Natural Rubber; Genetic Manipulation of Wood to Increase Biomass and Biofuel Production 17 Apr 2015
Industrial Bioprocessing Alert. Rotten Oranges to Boost Japanese Biofuel Production; Cost-Effective Biofertilizers by Rural Vietnamese Farmers; Novel Milk Product in the Dairy Industry 10 Apr 2015
Industrial Bioprocessing Alert. Protein-Based Anti-Bacterial Plastics; Bacteria can Serve as Natural Batteries to Address Pollution Challenges; Road Laying Compound Made from Lignin and Bitumen 03 Apr 2015
Industrial Bioprocessing Alert. Genetic Alteration of Natural Chloroplasts to Produce Valuable Biotechnological Products; Sugar-Based Biosurfactant Becomes Market Ready; Optimized Cocoa Fermentation Process for Improved Chocolate Taste 27 Mar 2015

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