Technical Insights' Science & Government Alert (2001 - present day)

Technical Insights' Science & Government Alert - 2001 to presesnt day

Title Published
Science & Government Report. Battle for the C-Band; Auction of 700 MHz Band Licenses; NSF’s Research Areas for Wide Investments in 2008 14 Dec 2007
Science & Government Report. Marburger Is Scolded, Soothed by Senators on Climate Change; Nonprofit Paychecks: The Big Two; Griffin Offers to Speed Up Shuttle Replacement for an Extra $2 Billion 23 Nov 2007
Science & Government Report. Appropriators Order Cap Put on Indirect Costs of DoD Basic Research; Scientists Begin Planning for Deep Underground Laboratory; NRC Panel Slams DOE's Plan for Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing 09 Nov 2007
Science & Government Report. Big DOE Projects in Applied Sciences Advance as Facilities for Fundamental Research Stall; House Panel Probes DHS S&T Unit's Award of Superconducting Grid Contract; Climate Change Skeptics Alive and Well on Hill 26 Oct 2007
Science & Government Report. Technology Unit at Commerce Department Quietly Slips Away; NIEHS to Reverse Changes Begun by Its Suspended Director; AAAS Spies from the Sky to Document Human Rights Abuses in Myanmar 05 Oct 2007
Science & Government Report. Q&A: National Science Foundation Director Arden Bement; NIH to Collaborate with NASA on Space Station Research; PCAST Gets Educated About Personalized Medicine 21 Sep 2007
Science & Government Report: Q&A: New National Academy of Engineering President Charles M. Vest; Universities Facing New Cap on Indirect Costs for Defense Basic Research; SGR Surveys University Facilities and Administrative Costs 07 Sep 2007
Science & Government Report. Plug-In Hybrids Are Latest Answer to Oil and Warming Woes; NSF Gives Go-Ahead for Design of Underground Lab; FASEB Seeks Uniform Code on Conflicts for Researchers 03 Aug 2007
Science & Government Report. Senate Passes Energy Bill; DOE Awards $375 Million for Bioenergy Research Centers; Democrats Facing Veto Threat in Adding to Bush Science Budgets 06 Jul 2007
Science & Government Report. Q&A: National Academy of Sciences President Ralph Cicerone; NASA Destroyed Recording of Griffin Meeting with IG and Staff; House Panel Deletes Warhead and Adds Funding for DOE Science. 08 Jun 2007

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