Technical Insights' Science & Government Alert (2001 - present day)

Technical Insights' Science & Government Alert - 2001 to presesnt day

Title Published
Science & Government Report. Q&A: Outgoing National Academy of Engineering President William A. Wulf; US and Other Nations Agree to Discuss Future of Nuclear Energy; NSB Award Vindicates Shakhashiri 17 Years After his Firing at NSF 25 May 2007
Science & Government Report: Marburger Tells Science to Start Looking Elsewhere for Funding; Moves Are Underway to Revive Office of Technology Assessment; House Panel Slows Down New Warhead Program 11 May 2007
Science & Government Report. Q&A: DHS Under Secretary for S&T Jay Cohen; EPA Issues Regulation Mandating Use of Renewable Fuels; Is Nanotechnology Initiative Sparking New Students? 20 Apr 2007
Science & Government Report. Lawmakers Skeptical of Need for New Nuclear Warhead; Panel Falls Short of Showing Conspiracy against Global Warming; New Policy Eases NOAA Scientists' Contacts with Media 06 Apr 2007
Science & Government Report. Waxman Airs Old Charges of Political Interference in Climate Science; DHS S&T Chief Overpowers Science Committee; Launch of Space Shuttle Replacement to Slip Another Three Months 23 Mar 2007
Science & Government Report: DOE Invests $385 Million in Cellulosic Ethanol Demo Plants; Zerhouni Advises Lawmakers to Keep Open All Avenues of Stem Cell Research; Livermore Wins Design Contest for Reliable Replacement Warhead 09 Mar 2007
Science & Government Report. NRC Rates Performance of NASA’s Astrophysics Program; Debut by House Subpanel Probes Regulatory Issue; Increase in Enrollment at Medical Schools Expected 23 Feb 2007
Science & Government Report. Bush Budget for S&T is Lackluster; Physical Sciences to Get Better Deal in FY-07; Global Warming and Clean Energy Are Heating Up in Congress 09 Feb 2007
Science & Government Report. Bush Wants Big Increase for Ethanol but Offers Little New on Global Warming; Bi-National Lab Aims to Bring New Technologies to Border; Bush Quietly Tightens OIRA's Control over Regulators 26 Jan 2007
Science & Government Report. Budget Standstill Creating Havoc for Science; EU Commits to 7-Year S&T Funding Plan; Ethanol May Soon Be Biggest Consumer of Corn 12 Jan 2007

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