Plastics Advisor TechVision Opportunity Engine

Technical Insights' Plastics Advisor will monitor hundreds of primary and secondary information sources. Each 6-page biweekly alert provides you with a concise presentation of "need to know" information.

Title Published
Plastics Advisor Alert. Waste Plastic Upcycled From Carbon Microspheres; Green Plastics Gain Momentum in India; Thermoplastic Derived from Soyprotein and Jute Fibers 04 Mar 2011
Plastics Advisor Alert. New Compostable Mouse Developed; Cost-Effective Plastic Touch Screen; New Laser Welding To Bind Clear Plastics 18 Feb 2011
Plastics Advisor Alert. Method To Produce Fuels from Plastic Waste; Plastic Foam To Make Earthquake-Proof Buildings; Plastics with Controlled Permeability 04 Feb 2011
Plastics Advisor Alert. Self-Healing Biorenewable Plastics from Vegetable Oils; Packaging To Indicate Food Spoilage; New Range of Biocomposite Plastics 21 Jan 2011
Plastics Advisor Alert. Improving Antistatic Ability for PVC Materials; Industrial Applications of Shape Memory Polymers; Biofriendly Fillers for Polymers 07 Jan 2011
Plastics Advisor Alert. Microbes Help in Plastic Degradation; Thermoplastic Used in Robot Suits; Harmful Chemicals Released During Formation of Polypropylene 10 Dec 2010
Plastics Advisor Alert. Trained Bacteria Convert Sugars To Bioplastics; Tougher Plastics To be Developed from Plants; Compostable Plastics That Turn into Manure 26 Nov 2010
Plastics Advisor Alert. Antifog Additives for Biopolymers; New Thermoplastic Elastomer Launched; Biodegradable PLA-Based Material for Trash Bags 12 Nov 2010
Plastics Advisor Alert. Bioplastic from Human Waste; Recycling Technology for Reusing PET; Plant-Based Yogurt Cups Lower Carbon Footprint 29 Oct 2010
Plastics Advisor Alert. New Grade of Dimensionally Stable PES; PP Food Films without Aqueous Silicone Dispersion; Structural Enhancement of Plastic Solar Cells Improves Efficiency 15 Oct 2010

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