Plastics Advisor TechVision Opportunity Engine

Technical Insights' Plastics Advisor will monitor hundreds of primary and secondary information sources. Each 6-page biweekly alert provides you with a concise presentation of "need to know" information.

Title Published
Plastics Advisor Alert. Plastic High-Pressure CNG Fuel Tanks for the Automotives Industry; Plastic Disks for Diagnosis of Diseases; Plastic Solar Cells Commercialized in Europe 01 Oct 2010
Plastics Advisor Alerts. Polyurethane Raw Materials Used in Solar-Powered Refrigerators; Plastic Wastes Recycled To Obtain Crude Oil; New Technology for FIPFG Gaskets And Seals 03 Sep 2010
Plastics Advisor Alerts. 5-Gallon Polycarbonate Water Bottles Introduced; Gold Nanoparticles Dispersed through Plastic; Bioplastic from Liquid Wood 20 Aug 2010
Plastics Advisor Alerts. Ingeo Bioplastic Fibers Enters the European Market; Polycarbonate Panoramic Roof for Automotive Applications; New Coupling Launched for Fibreglass-Reinforced Plastic Pipe 06 Aug 2010
Plastics Advisor Alerts. Algae-Based Feedstock for Bioplastic Resins; Bioplastics Grown within Plants; New CNT-Enhanced PEEK Products 23 Jul 2010
Plastics Advisor Alert. Bioplastic for Car Interiors; Ford Launches Soy Plastic Seats; Microsopic Bioplastic that Mends Human Tissue 09 Jul 2010
Plastics Advisor Alert. Biocompatible TPE for Medical Devices; Carbon Dioxide for Fabrication of PU Systems 25 Jun 2010
Plastics Advisor Alert. Biodegradable and High-Performance Bioplastic Launched; Plant-Based Sustainable Food Packaging Products; High-Speed Lamination Technology for Seal Machines 11 Jun 2010
Plastics Advisor Alert. Polyurethane Spray System for Ecofriendly Bathtubs; Innovative Biodegradable Plastic from Fruit Waste; Hermoplastic Elastomers for Medical Tubing 28 May 2010
Plastics Advisor Alert. Self-Healing Plastic Materials Containing Food Additives; Launch of New Halogen-Free Flame-Retardant Product Grades; Innovative Fiber To Replace Steel Ropes in Deep Sea Installations 14 May 2010

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