Plastics Advisor TechVision Opportunity Engine

Technical Insights' Plastics Advisor will monitor hundreds of primary and secondary information sources. Each 6-page biweekly alert provides you with a concise presentation of "need to know" information.

Title Published
Plastics Advisor Alert. Succinic Acid-Based Plasticizers; Plastic Waste Treatment by Melt Densification; Phosgene-Free Technology for Polycarbonate Production 13 Jan 2012
Plastics Advisor Alert. Fiber-Reinforcement of Polyurethane Composites; New Plastic with Glass-Like Properties; Effect of Chitosan Loading on Different Rubber Types 09 Dec 2011
Plastics Advisor Alert. Compostable Food Contact Materials Introduced; Decking Board with Nanostructured Wood Plastic Composite; Use of Fiber-Reinforced Plastic for Automobiles 25 Nov 2011
Plastics Advisor Alert. Self-Repairing Plastic Material; Bio-Based Plastic from Orange Peels; Detectable Plastics for Food and Medical Industries 11 Nov 2011
Plastics Advisor Alert. Artificial Microvascular Systems for Self-Healing Materials; Biodegradable Plastic from Microalgae; Compostable Single-Use Bags for Packaging Industry 28 Oct 2011
Plastics Advisor Alert. DNA Code of Plastics Cracked; Oxygen Barrier System for Pet Bottles Developed; Lightweight Acrylic Alternative to Glass 14 Oct 2011
Plastics Advisor Alert. Liquid Silicone Rubber Grades for Fire Protection; Biodegradable Printed Laminate for Flexible Packaging; Nanotubes for Conductive Polymers 30 Sep 2011
Plastics Advisor Alert. New Polymers for Applications in Electronics; Plastic Teeth for Denture Applications; Recycled Plastic for Manufacturing Paving Fabrics 16 Sep 2011
Plastics Advisor Alert. Resin Compound for Improved Safety Ratings in Vehicles; Bioplastic Food Container for Hot and Moist Foods; Technology for Converting Plastic Waste into Bulletproof Panels 02 Sep 2011
Plastics Advisor Alert. Fabrication Of Nanostructures on Plastic; Plastic-Based Stretchable Light-Emitting Devices; New Protocol for Recycling PET Thermoformed Packages 19 Aug 2011

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