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Futuretech, a series of 18 executive briefings a year, is your opportunity to learn about new and emerging technologies before they become common knowledge. Each briefing introduces you to a new technology that is poised to take off and, therefore, ripe for investment and business opportunities.

Title Published
Futuretech Alert. A Touchless Future--Next Complimentary Evolution of User Interfaces beyond Touchscreens 21 Jun 2013
Futuretech Alert. Potential of Nutrigenetics for Personalized Nutrition 31 May 2013
Futuretech Alert. Smart Mobility--A Vision for Sustainable Connectivity through Technology Fusion 10 May 2013
Futuretech Alert. ICT Innovations Catalyze Evolution of the Connected Smart World 19 Apr 2013
Futuretech Alert. Smart Microgrids--A Promising and Reliable Power Distribution Concept for Smaller Communities 28 Mar 2013
Futuretech Alert. Evolving Trends in the Memory Industry Open up Avenues for Growth 08 Mar 2013
Futuretech Alert. Interventional Radiology--The Need for Subspecialization 15 Feb 2013
Futuretech Alert. Technologies Enabling Smart Factories of the Future 25 Jan 2013
1. Futuretech Alert. Advances in Rare Earth Alternative Technologies 04 Jan 2013
Futuretech Alert. Network Virtualization--Technology Landscape and Stakeholder Analysis 13 Dec 2012

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