Medical Device Technology TechVision Opportunity Engine

Medical Device TechVision Opportunity Engine is Frost & Sullivan's latest technology subscription, which leverages the company's historically strong competencies in medical/healthcare technology and market research. This essentially is a bi-weekly global subscription with content focused on the dynamic North American, European, and Asia-Pacific regions.

Title Published
Frugal Innovations in Medical Device Industry - Medical Device TOE 20 May 2016
Smart-Cutaneous Wearables-Medical Device Alert 15 Apr 2016
Innovations in Medical Devices in Singapore-Medical Device Alert 18 Mar 2016
Medical Device Technology--Bi-directional Partnerships in the Medical Devices Sector 19 Feb 2016
Medical Device Technology--Technology Innovations in Wound Care 15 Jan 2016
Medical Device Technology TechVision Opportunity Engine. Smart Bandages to Detect Presence of Infection; Plant-Derived Human Recombinant Collagen for Efficient Wound Management; Integrating Mobile Diagnostics into Clinical Care 11 Dec 2015
Medical Device Technology TechVision Opportunity Engine. 3D-Printed Pharmaceutical Drug; Innovative Medical Device for Aesthetic Surgeries; Paper-Based DNA Test for Disease Diagnoses 20 Nov 2015
Medical Device TechVision Opportunity Engine. Oncology Information Management for Improved Cancer Care; Healthcare Data Analytics Using Big Data and Cloud Technology; Improving Healthcare Outcomes with Efficient Genomic Data Management 16 Oct 2015
Medical Device Technology Alert. Smart Bandages that Track and Monitor Progress of Wound Healing; Innovative Tissue Engineering Solution to Peripheral Nerve Injuries; Regenerative Medicine Solution for Dermatology and Wound Care 18 Sep 2015
Medical Device Technology Alert. Wearable Medical Device for Pain Relief; Regenerative Medicine Solution for Age-Related Diseases; Innovative Surgical Tool to Treat Gastrointestinal Disease 21 Aug 2015

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