Medical Device Technology TechVision Opportunity Engine

Medical Device TechVision Opportunity Engine is Frost & Sullivan's latest technology subscription, which leverages the company's historically strong competencies in medical/healthcare technology and market research. This essentially is a bi-weekly global subscription with content focused on the dynamic North American, European, and Asia-Pacific regions.

Title Published
Medical Device Technology Alert. Medical Imaging Devices for Enhancing Diagnosis; Thermoplasty Technology For Management of Asthma; Drug-Eluting Resorbable Stent for Treatment of Coronary Artery Disease 17 Oct 2014
Medical Device Technology Alert. Dual Technology Device to Manage Chronic and Acute Pain; Stent-Graft for Management of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms; Smartphone-Tethered Ultrasound Device for Point-of-Care Medical Imaging 19 Sep 2014
Medical Device Technology Alert. Neurodegenarative Diseases 15 Aug 2014
Medical Device Technology Alert. Interoperable Patient Monitoring System; Exoskeleton to Enable Mobility in Patients with Lower Limb Disabilities; Remotely Monitored Ventricular Assist Device 18 Jul 2014
Medical Device Technology Alert. Implant Device to Minimize Obstructive Sleep Apnea; Antimicrobial Coating for Medical Devices; Neurostimulator for Addressing Epilepsy 20 Jun 2014
Medical Device Technology Alert. Cost-Effective Dermascope Made from Droplets; Convenient Real-Time Blood Pressure Monitoring; Biosensor to Detect Harmful Effects of Opioids 16 May 2014
Medical Device Technology Alert. Improved Device for Better Quality Sleep; Robotic System to Address Complex Surgical Procedures Efficiently; Optogenetic Technique to Address Neural Damage 18 Apr 2014
Medical Device Technology Alert. Low-Intensity Ultrasound Radiation to Heal Wounds; 3D Membrane To Monitor Arrhythmias; Point of Care Smartphone App to Screen Blood 21 Mar 2014
Medical Device Technology Alert. Wireless EEG Systems for Continuous Brain Activity Monitoring; Intelligent Textile Developed Using Fiber Sensors; Continuous Glucose Monitoring System for Children 21 Feb 2014
Medical Device Technology Alert. Wrist-Based Pulse Oximeter; Drug-Eluting Stent for Peripheral Artery Disease; Bedside Device for Sleep Apnea Monitoring 17 Jan 2014

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