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Title Published
Technology Investment Opportunities in Systems Biology (Technical Insights)
Modeling Innovation
08 Aug 2013
Nanotech Alert. Method for Improving Efficiency of Solar Cells; Gold Nanoparticles Can Improve Performance of Photodetectors; Implementing Silver in Fabric Fibers Provides Better Wearable Electronics 02 Aug 2013
Genetic Technology Alert. Evaluation of Circulating Micro-RNA as a Biomarker for Acute Myocardial Infarction; Fragment-Based In Silico Molecular Modeling Screening for Drug Discovery 02 Aug 2013
Top Technologies in Health and Wellness--2013 (Technical Insights)
Rewriting Lifeā€¦
30 Jul 2013
Nanotech Alert. Nanotechnology-Based Solar Power Sterilization System; Memory Devices Address Data Storage Challenges; Easy-To-Make Solar Panel in Various Colors 26 Jul 2013
Genetic Technology Alert. Cell-Based Phenotyping Screening for Molecular Pharmacology Applications; Gain of Function Kinases Potential Drug Targets for Non Small Cell Lung Carinoma 26 Jul 2013
Nanotech Alert. Research Exposes Harmful Effects of Graphene on the Human Body; Systematic Process for Purification of Synthesized Quantum Dots; Methodical Investigation of Parameters that Control Boiling Heat Transfer 19 Jul 2013
Genetic Technology Alert. Carbohydrate Derivatization with Microwave Technique for Glycomic Applications; Stem Cell-Like Gene SALL4 as a Potential Biomarker To Detect Hepatocellular Carcinoma 19 Jul 2013
Nanotech Alert. Iron-Oxide Nanostructures for Economical Hydrogen Production from Water; Cost-Effective Catalyst Can Make Fuel Cells More Economical 12 Jul 2013
Drug Discovery Technology Alert. Diagnostic and Early Therapeutic Advances through MRI Approach; Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Technology Platform; Enhancing Virtual Drug Discovery Technology Platforms 12 Jul 2013

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