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Title Published
Genetic Technology Alert. SAF-301 Gene Therapy for Lysosomal Storage Disorders; Cell Priming Tools for Grafting Cardiac Stem Cells; 3D Perspectives in Cell Culturing Techniques 13 Dec 2013
Drug Discovery Technology Alert. Evaluating Drug Response for Autoimmune Diseases and Cancer through Biomarkers; Evaluating Statin Response through SNPs in Coronary Heart Disease 13 Dec 2013
Nanotech Alert. Nanoparticle-Based Pills for Drug Delivery; Mesoporous Polymer Material for Treatment of Oil-Contaminated Water; Using Aluminum as Plasmonic Material 06 Dec 2013
Genetic Technology Alert. Bio-Patch to Re-Grow Bones; Low Mitochondrial DNA as Basis for Aggressive Breast Cancer; Genes Selectively Passed through Designer Sperm across Generations 06 Dec 2013
Nanotech Alert. Analyzing Structure of Metal Organic Framework for Capturing Carbon Dioxide; Copper for Transforming Sunlight and Water into Chemical Fuel; Nanocatalysts To Remove Nitrite Contaminants from Water 29 Nov 2013
Genetic Technology Alert. Visualization of NK1 Receptors to Illuminate Pain Processes in Tennis Elbow; Genetic Engineering Tool Revolutionizes Genome Engineering; Brown Fat Stem Cells as Basis for Obesity Treatment 29 Nov 2013
Nanotech Alert. Pressure Cooking for Enhancing Performance of Electric Car Batteries; Enhanced Cooling by Nanoparticles in Consumer Electronics and Nuclear Reactors; High-Performance Flexible Battery for Wearable Electronics 22 Nov 2013
Genetic Technology Alert. Blocking Signal-Transmitting Cellular Channels to Prevent Kidney Damage Caused by Diabetes; Improvements in Genome Sequencing for Single Cells; Heart Failure Successfully Reversed by Novel Gene Therapy Method 22 Nov 2013
Nanotech Alert. Nanosensors for Monitoring Nitric Oxide Levels inside the Human Body; Nanoparticles for Killing Drug-Resistant Breast Cancer Cells; Modified Viruses for Boosting Lithium-Air Battery Performance 15 Nov 2013
Genetic Technology Alert. Genome-Wide Association Study of Schizophrenia Based on Gene Set Enrichment Analysis Method; Strategy of Utilization of Antagonist to Target VEGF by Competitive Binding to NRP1 15 Nov 2013

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