Technical Insights- Drug Discovery Technologies

The Drug Discovery Technologies Vertical Industry subscription provides analysis of and timely information on all recent developments.

Title Published
Genetic Technology Alert. Visualization of NK1 Receptors to Illuminate Pain Processes in Tennis Elbow; Genetic Engineering Tool Revolutionizes Genome Engineering; Brown Fat Stem Cells as Basis for Obesity Treatment 29 Nov 2013
Nanotech Alert. Pressure Cooking for Enhancing Performance of Electric Car Batteries; Enhanced Cooling by Nanoparticles in Consumer Electronics and Nuclear Reactors; High-Performance Flexible Battery for Wearable Electronics 22 Nov 2013
Genetic Technology Alert. Blocking Signal-Transmitting Cellular Channels to Prevent Kidney Damage Caused by Diabetes; Improvements in Genome Sequencing for Single Cells; Heart Failure Successfully Reversed by Novel Gene Therapy Method 22 Nov 2013
Nanotech Alert. Nanosensors for Monitoring Nitric Oxide Levels inside the Human Body; Nanoparticles for Killing Drug-Resistant Breast Cancer Cells; Modified Viruses for Boosting Lithium-Air Battery Performance 15 Nov 2013
Genetic Technology Alert. Genome-Wide Association Study of Schizophrenia Based on Gene Set Enrichment Analysis Method; Strategy of Utilization of Antagonist to Target VEGF by Competitive Binding to NRP1 15 Nov 2013
Nanotech Alert. Improved Barrier Films to Protect Electronic Devices; Efficient Light Emitter Developed from Defects in Nanotubes; Nanotechnology Enables Development of Improved Light Filter 08 Nov 2013
Genetic Technology Alert. Stimulation of Growth Factors to Induce Skin Structure Repairing Effect; Apple Consumption Potentially Reduces Obesity Epigenetic Mechanism; Two Proteins Play Key Role in Retinal Cell Layering 08 Nov 2013
Drug Discovery Technology Alert. Transforming Epithelial Cells of Diabetic People into Pancreatic Cells; Revealing Inhibitors for Glioblastoma Multiforme Disease; Novel Biomarker for Parkinson's Disease Diagnosis and Prognosis 08 Nov 2013
Developments and Trends in Influenza Therapeutics (Technical Insights)
Emerging Technology and Major Partnerships in Influenza Vaccines
06 Nov 2013
Nanotech Alert. Efficient Gold Nanoparticle Catalyst for Carbon Dioxide to Carbon Monoxide Conversion; Electric Vehicles can Go Further with Inexpensive Material; Nanocarriers for Targeted Drug Delivery to Cancer Cells 01 Nov 2013

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