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The Drug Discovery Technologies Vertical Industry subscription provides analysis of and timely information on all recent developments.

Title Published
Nanotech Alert. Novel Method for Manufacturing Carbon Nanomembranes; Plasma-Treated Nanotube Membranes for Water Purification; Nanoparticle Size Effects Can Lead To Inexpensive Hydrogen Storage 30 Aug 2013
Genetic Technology Alert. Steroidal Glucocorticoid Receptor Ligands can Repress Key Pro-Inflammatory Genes; Detection of Viral Infection with Improved Multiplexed RT-PCR Assay; Gene Repair Technique for Correcting Genetic Disorders 30 Aug 2013
Nanotech Alert. Nanoparticles for Cancer Detection; Complex Dynamics of Liquid Metal Particles Simplified To Nanoscale; Nanoscrolls Can Lead To Better Lithium-Ion Batteries 23 Aug 2013
Genetic Technology Alert. Development of Multiplexed Mass Spectrometry Assay for Biomarker Analysis; Alternatively Activated Macrophages Involved in Causing Chronic Brucellosis 23 Aug 2013
Advances in Tissue Engineering and Organ Regeneration (Technical Insights)
State-of-the-Art Technology for Artificial Organ Implant
22 Aug 2013
Nanotech Alert. Novel Approach for Fabricating Alloy Nanomaterials; Supercapacitor Paves Way for Smaller Mobile Phones and Cameras; Simple Method for Manufacturing Porous Polymers 16 Aug 2013
Genetic Technology Alert. Allosteric Modulation of Ligand Receptors for Drug Discovery; SNP Detection Platform Improves Read Length and Selectivity of SNP 16 Aug 2013
Nanotech Alert. Molecular Level Disorders Can Improve Performance of Plastic Solar Cells; Improving Elasticity in Graphene Can Lead To Device Developments; Uniform-Sized Nanocrystals Can Lead To Hydrogen Economy 09 Aug 2013
Drug Discovery Technology Alert. Enhancing Drug Discovery through Biomolecular Multiparameter Optimization; Addressing Neuropsychiatric Conditions through a Personalized Medicine Approach 09 Aug 2013
Genetic Technology Alert. Modulating Enzyme Activity Based on Proteomic Design; Association of Levels of Macrophage Markers with Severity of Preeclampsia 09 Aug 2013

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