Technical Insights - Patient Monitoring

The Patient Monitoring Vertical Industry subscription provides analysis of and timely information on all recent developments.

Title Published
Sensor Technology Alert. Color Changing Gloves Indicate Presence of Toxic Substances; Mobile Biometric Solution for Identity Applications; Wearable Health Technology Market Witnesses Significant Acquisition 10 May 2013
Sensor Technology Alert. Tiny Uncooled SWIR Camera for Military Imaging; Smart Activity Monitor Can Track Activity; Heart Rate; and Sleep; Expanding Opportunities for More Comprehensive Motion Tracking Technology 03 May 2013
Sensor Technology Alert. Wireless Smart Skin Sensors Detect Early Formation of Cracks; Ingestible Sensors That Can Text Alerts by Monitoring Pill Consumption; Paper-Thin Skin Patch Facilitates e-Health Monitoring 26 Apr 2013
Sensor Technology Alert. Contact-Free Palm Vein Sensor for Consumer Electronics Devices; Sensor System for Monitoring Perishable Goods; Method for Sensing Infrared Radiation 19 Apr 2013
Medical Device Technology Alert. Retroreflector Technology Deployed To Detect Infectious Diseases; Tissue Engineering Platform Finds Increased Usage in Performing ACL Reconstruction Surgeries; Vertebral Augmentation System for Repair of Spinal Fractures 19 Apr 2013
2013 Top Medical Device and Imaging Technologies (Technical Insights)
Breakthrough Medical Technologies that open new vistas for healthcare delivery
15 Apr 2013
Sensor Technology Alert. Brainwave-Based Computer Authentication Replaces Passwords with Pass-Thoughts; Touch Sensor for Detecting Subtle Movements of an Object on a Surface; Motion Sensing Controller Enables Touchless Control 12 Apr 2013
Trends in Nanofluidics and BioNEMS (Technical Insights)
A 9-dimensional Study on the Future of Miniaturized Systems
08 Apr 2013
Sensor Technology Alert. Sensor-Based Mapping System; Wireless Sensors for Remote Monitoring; Sensor for Measuring Blood Flow in Prosthetic Grafts 05 Apr 2013
Sensor Technology Alert. Wireless and Implantable Brain Chip Widens Scope of BCI Technology; Ultrasonic Sensor Array Increases Situational Awareness through Environment Sensing; Brain-Sensing with Smartphone App 29 Mar 2013

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