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The Patient Monitoring Vertical Industry subscription provides analysis of and timely information on all recent developments.

Title Published
Sensor Technology Alert. Advancements in 3D Depth Sensing; Sensors Vital for Enhanced Mobile Health Monitoring; Fabricating MEMS Pressure Sensors Using Silicon Nanowires 18 Jan 2013
Sensor Technology Alert. Miniaturized and Integrated Radar Sensors; Mobile Thermographic System for Composite Inspection; Oxford Instruments Acquires Asylum Research 11 Jan 2013
Sensor Technology Alert. Advancements in Sensing Technology for Geophysical Applications; Compressive Sensing Imaging To Advance SWIR Cameras; Opportunities for Ultrasound Technology for Computer Input and Gesture Recognition 04 Jan 2013
Medical Device Technology Alert. Disc-Shaped Biodegradable Structure To Deliver Stem Cells To Damaged Eyes; Drug Releasing Fibers To Act as Contraceptives; Effective Insulin Delivery Device for Type 2 Diabetes 21 Dec 2012
Sensor Technology Alert. EEG-Based Headset as Brain Computer Interface; Driver Fatigue Monitoring Device; Weather Monitoring Using a Combination of Sensors 20 Dec 2012
Sensor Technology Alert. 3D Sensing Technology Enables Natural Interaction with Computing Devices; Strapless Heart Rate Monitor for Continuous Monitoring; Smart Tattoos For Monitoring Skin pH Levels 14 Dec 2012
Sensor Technology Alert. CMOS Image Sensors for Skin Analysis Applications; Innovative Sensor for Detecting Biomolecules; Fitness Tracking Device for Monitoring Heart Rate 06 Dec 2012
Sensor Technology Alert. Earthquake Monitoring Sensor Using Energy Harvesting Technique; Mass and Temperature Sensor Using Bulk Acoustic Waves; Sound-Based Interaction Expands Touchscreen Interface Possibilities 30 Nov 2012
Sensor Technology Alert. Wireless Sensing Systems for Monitoring Health of Firefighters; Sensor for Kidney Disease Detection; Medical Smartphone for Enabling Mobile Healthcare 23 Nov 2012
Medical Device Technology Alert. Finger Tactile Sensors To Enable Effective Performance of Prosthetic and Robotic Hands; Textiles To Ease Everyday Healthcare Monitoring; Intraocular Lens To Mimic Natural Functioning of Human Eye Lens 16 Nov 2012

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