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The Patient Monitoring Vertical Industry subscription provides analysis of and timely information on all recent developments.

Title Published
Sensor Technology Alert. Self-Powered Wireless Window Sensors for Enhanced Security; Smart Fiber for Use in Security Applications; FBG-Based Strain Sensing Solution for Effective Monitoring of Civil Structures 14 Sep 2012
Sensor Technology Alert. Ultra Compact Automotive Image Sensors; CNT-Based System for Structural Health Monitoring; Shirt with Embedded Sensors for Diagnosing Sleeping Disorder 07 Sep 2012
Sensor Technology Alert. Non-Invasive Body Glucose Sensors Using Nanoparticles; Wireless Helmet Impact Sensor Integrated with Emergency Services App; In-Line Chlorine Sensor Offers Optimized Performance 31 Aug 2012
Medical Device Technology Alert. Mobile Healthcare Information and Management System Helps Improve Patient Safety; Clot Removal Technology for Acute Ischemic Stroke Patients 17 Aug 2012
Medical Device Technology Alert. Hearing Aid Powered by Solar Energy; Digital Patient Management and Tracking System for Physical Therapists; Autoclave Device Solely Powered by Solar Thermal Energy 20 Jul 2012
Impact of Biomarkers (Technical Insights)
Advances in Omics Platforms Opens New Vistas for Biomarker Adoption
29 Jun 2012
Medical Device Technology Alert. Transdermal Delivery System Using Ultrasonic Waveforms for Improved Skin and Diabetes Care; Jet-Injection Device for Delivering Drugs of Varied Volumes and Controlled Velocity; 15 Jun 2012
Medical Device Technology Alert. Endoscopically Implantable Device for Obesity Treatment; Solar-Powered Autoclave for Surgical Tools; Multi-Electrode Renal Denervation System for Resistant Hypertension Treatment 18 May 2012
Medical Device Technology Alert. Cardiac Pacemakers Designed for Treating Chronotropic Incompetence; Wearable Patient Monitoring System with Cloud-Based Storage for Quick Data Access; Smart Technologies for Monitoring Performance of Implantable Systems 20 Apr 2012
Top Medical Device and Imaging Technologies (Technical Insights)
Disruptive Medical Device and Imaging Technologies for Driving Efficiencies
30 Mar 2012

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