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The Patient Monitoring Vertical Industry subscription provides analysis of and timely information on all recent developments.

Title Published
Sensor Technology Alert. Inexpensive Color Changing Material Finds Usage as Sensors; Sensing Technologies for Vehicle Safety; Sensor Device for Enabling Augmented Reality Computing 26 Oct 2012
Medical Device Technology Alert. Exoskeleton To Augment Mobility and Capability for Disabled People; Energy Storing Device To Power Gait of Patients with Lower Extremity Weakness; Cardiac Pacemakers To Treat Reduced Heart Muscle Relaxing Ability 19 Oct 2012
Sensor Technology Alert. Real-Time Flaw Detection by Ultrasound Imaging Camera; Electronic Nose Integrated with Flexible Electronics; Sensor Technology for Detecting Minute Movements in Humans 19 Oct 2012
Sensor Technology Alert. Motion Sensor for Energy and Cost Reduction; Wrist-Worn Sensor Enables Spatial Interactions between Hand and Mobile Applications; ECG Sensors for Use in Biometrics 12 Oct 2012
Sensor Technology Alert. Sensor Fusion Enables Real-Time Mapping of Buildings; Negative Obstacle Detection Using 3D Laser Range Finder; Optical Touch Sensing Technology for Mid- and Large-Sized Touch-Based Products 05 Oct 2012
Wireless Patient Monitoring Technologies--Evaluation of Funding Prospects (Technical Insights)
Mobile Medical Technologies Delivered At Home Environment
30 Sep 2012
Sensor Technology Alert. Lip Reading Sensor System Enables Effective Speech Recognition; Wi-Fi Sensor Eliminates the Need for Ethernet Cables; Sensor-Integrated Smart Sutures for Aiding Wound Treatment 28 Sep 2012
Sensor Technology Alert. Miniature Sensors Capable of Measuring Brain Activities; Transparent Pressure Sensor for Medical Applications; Palm Vein Access Control System for User Authentication 21 Sep 2012
Medical Device Technology Alert. Walk Restoration Device for People with Lower Limb Disabilities; Heart Monitoring Device To Minimize Sudden Cardiac Arrests; Surgical Robotic System for Endoscopic Procedures 21 Sep 2012
Sensor Technology Alert. Self-Powered Wireless Window Sensors for Enhanced Security; Smart Fiber for Use in Security Applications; FBG-Based Strain Sensing Solution for Effective Monitoring of Civil Structures 14 Sep 2012

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