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The Patient Monitoring Vertical Industry subscription provides analysis of and timely information on all recent developments.

Title Published
Sensor Technology Alert. Stretch Sensors that Enable Wearable Technology; Capacitive Touch Fingerprint Sensor for Smartphones; Opportunities in Structural Health Monitoring 06 Dec 2013
Sensor Technology Alert. Strain Sensor That Uses Polymer Optical Fibers; Innovation in Image Sensors for Smartphones and Tablets; Low-Cost Mobile Radar System for Surveillance 29 Nov 2013
Sensor Technology Alert. NFC Ability Added To Consumer and Domestic Equipment; Water Quality Monitoring; Opportunities in Ambient Intelligence 22 Nov 2013
Sensor Technology Alert. Advancement in Gas Sensor Technology; Developments in Robotic Tactile Sensors; MEMS Pressure and Temperature Sensors for Oil and Gas Industry 16 Nov 2013
Medical Device Technology Alert. Evolving Light Sources in Ultraviolet Skin Therapy; Biodegradable Stents for the Gastrointestinal Track; Neuroprosthetic Device for Restoring Bladder Function 15 Nov 2013
Sensor Technology Alert. Electronic Nose for Homeland Security; Infrared Sensor for Touchless Control for Mobile Devices; Multi-Parameter Water Quality Monitoring Sensor Probe 09 Nov 2013
Sensor Technology Alert. Developments in Physical Activity Monitoring; Developments in Boron Doped Diamond Electrodes for Gas Sensing; Real-Time Detection of Lactate in Cells for Cancer Detection 01 Nov 2013
Sensor Technology Alert. Handheld Ultrasound Transducer for Composite Inspection; Intelligent Home Energy Monitoring System; Portable Eye Tracking Device 25 Oct 2013
Medical Device Technology Alert. Capillary Agglutination Technology for Testing Blood Coagulation; Harnessing Biomimicry to Develop Self-Expanding Coronary Stents; Neural Interfaces to Restore Peripheral Nerve Functionality 18 Oct 2013
Sensor Technology Alert. Video Processing Card for Intersection Traffic Control; Mid-Air Tactile Feedback System for Enhanced Human-Computer Interaction; Miniaturized Multi-Gas Sensing System 18 Oct 2013

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