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The Patient Monitoring Vertical Industry subscription provides analysis of and timely information on all recent developments.

Title Published
Sensor Technology Alert. Driving Opportunities for High-Definition LiDAR; Advancements in Magnetic Field Sensors for Perimeter Security; Wearable Sensors To Monitor Infant Breathing 21 Jun 2013
Sensor Technology Alert. Highly Sensitive Graphene-Based Image Sensor; Vision-Based Occupancy Detection System; Organic CMOS Image Sensor Technology 15 Jun 2013
Medical Device Technology Alert. Bronchoscopes Relieve Physician Fatigue and Expand Reach within Endobronchial Tree; Vacuum Wound Treatment Liberates Acute Wound Patients; Blood Pressure Monitoring at Home Setting 15 Jun 2013
Sensor Technology Alert. Laser Ultrasonic Technology for Non-Destructive Testing of Composites; M2M Hardware Module Enables Wi-Fi Capabilities; Nanoscale Vapor Detection Platform for Real-Time Detection of Explosives 07 Jun 2013
Sensor Technology Alert. European Consortium for Developing Artificial Skin for Robots; Sensor Fitted Basketball; Advancements in Wearable and Stretchable Sensors 31 May 2013
Sensor Technology Alert. Smart Socks for Preventing Injuries and Improving Running Techniques; Terrestrial Positioning System Enables Accurate Indoor Positioning; Smart Parking Sensor Enables Augmented Parking Management Solutions 24 May 2013
Medical Device Technology Alert. Absorbable Polyurethane Technology for Biomedical Applications; Retinal Implant for Use in Patients with Retinitis Pigmentosa; Magnetic Implant Reduces Surgeries for Children with Severe Scoliosis 17 May 2013
Sensor Technology Alert. Sensor Array for Analyzing Fruit Odor; Ultra-Sensitive Touch Sensor; Patch on Heart Condition Monitoring Sensor 17 May 2013
Sensor Technology Alert. Color Changing Gloves Indicate Presence of Toxic Substances; Mobile Biometric Solution for Identity Applications; Wearable Health Technology Market Witnesses Significant Acquisition 10 May 2013
Sensor Technology Alert. Tiny Uncooled SWIR Camera for Military Imaging; Smart Activity Monitor Can Track Activity; Heart Rate; and Sleep; Expanding Opportunities for More Comprehensive Motion Tracking Technology 03 May 2013

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