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The Drug Discovery Technology (DDT) Alert is Technical Insights' new technology research subscription that reports and analyzes the latest developments in drug discovery and therapeutics, thereby providing an opportunity to acquire strategic insights into crucial developments in this industry domain.

Title Published
Drug Discovery Technology Alert. Targeted Drug Discovery for Hepatitis C Treatment; Hybrid Drugs for Malaria; First Semiconductor-Based DNA Sequencer 17 Dec 2010
Drug Discovery Technology Alert. Orally Acting Drug for GVHD Receives Orphan Drug Status; Anaesthetic Conserving Device for Administering Isoflurane and Sevoflurane; High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound for Targeted Cancer Drug Delivery 12 Nov 2010
Drug Discovery Technology Alert. Breakthrough Discovery and Validation of Diabetes Biomarkers; Targeting Cholesterol Synthesis for Antiviral Activity; Food Particles for Controlling Obesity 15 Oct 2010
Drug Discovery Technology Alert. Flies Provide Clues for Drug Development for Galactosemia; Shedding More Light on Protein-Protein Interactions for Drug Discovery; Effective Drug Delivery of Doxorubicin via Heat-Activated Liposomes 17 Sep 2010
Drug Discovery Technology Alert. High Efficiency Achieved by Delivering Insulin through Buccal Cavity; Artificial Antibodies for Biomedicine; IVF Process Might Mimic Natural Reproductive Method 13 Aug 2010
Drug Discovery Technology Alert. Proteomics Platform for Accurate Protein Pathway Activation Mapping in Diseased Cells; Platform for Discovery of Carbohydrate-Based Therapeutics that Target GPCRs 16 Jul 2010
Drug Discovery Technology Alert. Glycomimetic Drugs for Vaso-Occlusion in Sickle Cell Disease; Synthetic Peptide-Based Surfactant for Respiratory Distress Disorder; Proteomics Aids in Assessing Drug Target Interactions 11 Jun 2010
Drug Discovery Technology Alert. Small Molecule Research Holds Hope for Parkinson's Patients; Natural Agent Enhances Efficacy of Cancer Drug Targets; Cell Cycle Inhibitors Hold Potential Treatment against AIDS 07 May 2010
Drug Discovery Technology Alert. New Target Discovered against HCV; Glycotherapeutics for Rosacea being Developed; Small Molecule Oral Inhibitors for Tissue and Plasma Kallikrein 16 Apr 2010
Drug Discovery Technology Alert. Small Molecule Drug for Metastatic Melanoma; Light-Activated Drug for Solid Tumors and Benign Neoplasms; Snake Venom Toxins as Potential Treatment for Neurodegenerative Diseases 12 Mar 2010

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