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The Drug Discovery Technology (DDT) Alert is Technical Insights' new technology research subscription that reports and analyzes the latest developments in drug discovery and therapeutics, thereby providing an opportunity to acquire strategic insights into crucial developments in this industry domain.

Title Published
Drug Discovery Technology Alert. Antiviral Drug Discovery Platform Targeting Human Myocarditis; Ribosomal-Based Antibiotic Therapeutics Drug Discovery Platform; Nano-Cellulose 3D Scaffold for Pharmacological Bioassays 10 Oct 2014
Drug Discovery Technology Alert. Virtual Models Assist Mental Illness Drug Discovery Programs; Biocities and Successful Models of Collaboration in Drug Discovery; Advancing Drug Discovery through Covalent-Based Computational Chemistry Tools 12 Sep 2014
Drug Discovery Technology Alert. In Silico Approach to Bioactive Screening and Nutraceuticals Development; Cloud Computing Approach to Optimize Drug Discovery and Development; Humanized Drug Discovery through Human Cell Line Culturing and Engineering 08 Aug 2014
Drug Discovery Technology Alert. Enhanced Computational Platform for Protein Folding and Structure Prediction; Drug Target Identification Platform for Personalized Cancer Diagnostics and Therapeutics 11 Jul 2014
Drug Discovery Technology Alert. Therapeutics for Crohn’s Disease Advances into Phase III Clinical Trials; Molecular Mechanism in Cystic Fibrosis that Could Increase Risk of Diabetes 13 Jun 2014
Drug Discovery Technology Alert. Engineered Antibody Technology to Treat West Nile Virus; Studying Use of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells to Treat Lung Diseases; Improving Pain Management through Controlled Release Technology Platform 09 May 2014
Drug Discovery Technology Alert. Accelerating Life Sciences Research through Target-Enrichment Sequencing Technologies; Addressing Rare Diseases Therapeutics through Recombinant Adeno-Associated Vector Technology 14 Mar 2014
Drug Discovery Technology Alert. International Capital Raising Advances Retinal Ganglion Cells Related Diseases Treatment to Phase-III Studies; Expanding Stem Cell-Based Technology Platform to Treat Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis 14 Feb 2014
Drug Discovery Technology Alert. Developing Therapeutics through Cell Surface Tumor Antigens; Investigating Membrane Vesicles to Treat Infectious Diseases and Cancer 10 Jan 2014
Drug Discovery Technology Alert. Evaluating Drug Response for Autoimmune Diseases and Cancer through Biomarkers; Evaluating Statin Response through SNPs in Coronary Heart Disease 13 Dec 2013

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