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Car Companies Get Thinking Out Of The Box for Gen Z

Published: 10 Apr 2019

By Sarwant Singh, Senior Partner, Head of Mobility  & Visionary Innovation Group

Tear up the rule book! Brand gurus, marketing whizzes and strategy wonks in every single industry worldwide are scrambling to crack the enigma of Gen Z. It’s a riddle worth solving because Gen Z—the digitally native population cohort born between 1993 and 2007—currently makes up 24% of the world’s population. That in itself means nothing except that they are emerging as the next big consumer powerhouse, and are projected to comprise over 40% of the world’s customer base by 2020. According to Frost & Sullivan, in the U.S. alone, they are already estimated to have a direct spending power of US$29 billion to US$143 billion, and an indirect spending power of US$600 billion.

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