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Passenger Vehicle Growth Perspectives in Latin America, Forecast to 2023

Regional VIO parc is Expected to Increase from ~102.9 to ~122.5 Million Units, with Sales Reaching ~7.2 Million Units in 2023
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Published: 27 Dec 2018

The Latin American (LATAM) passenger vehicle market has witnessed a major downturn in recent years (2014-2016), given generalized fall in GDP growth rates across key industries and major national economies, devaluation of local currencies against the US Dollar, drop in primary commodity prices, rising inflation rates, and loss of purchasing power parity. However, vehicle sales are expected to recover with the growth rates being driven by general economic stabilization along with new trends in the industry and a restructuring of the regional trade dynamics. The VIO is forecast to increase substantially reaching 122.5 million units in the coming years, with 7.2 million units being commercialized in 2023. Noteworthy of the figures presented in this study are the regional trends, where Brazil is gradually losing its undisputed dominant position as the main automotive market, caused by the rise of the Mexican market. On the other hand, the Argentinean automotive industry is strengthened by its specialization in specific segments (pick-up), commercialization and production. This study focuses on the number of transformative shifts driven by social, political, economic, and technological disruptions impacting the LATAM regional automotive industry and markets. Specific vehicle segments are driving growth in VIO (such as pick-ups and new-generation SUVs), along with increasing competitiveness, pushed by technological disruptors and new business models. The regional landscape and performance of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru are discussed, considering regional and local motorization rates and GDP growth forecasts, along with Frost & Sullivan's exclusive passenger vehicle sales and VIO forecasts and analysis from 2017 to 2023. Author: Martin Singla



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