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Global Executive Analysis of Start-ups in the EV Ecosystem, 2018

Innovative Business Models, Technology Integration and Hyper Personalisation will be the Key Critical Elements for Success in the EV Start-up Ecosystem
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Published: 30 Jan 2019

The electric mobility space is rapidly evolving owing to the influential impact of the autonomous, connected, electric and shared mobility (ACES) trend. While automakers are electrifying and integrating next-gen technological features, start-ups in this space are creating a competitive difference by identifying white spaces and catering to niche consumer segments. From ethical, sustainable and modular manufacturing practices to completely innovative business models, start-ups are redefining the mobility sector. EV passenger car makers are positioning their cars to offer more of an experience than as a product, while light electric vehicles (LEVs) that cater to every demographic segment are solving the urban mobility crisis. Commercial electric vehicle start-ups are adopting an autonomous, long range and utility design for their products. Battery tech, being the most funded EV start-up ecosystem, focuses on sustainable, recyclable solutions with newer battery materials in use. Aftermarket solutions such as retrofitting and recycling are the key focus areas. The highest numbers of start-ups are concentrated in the charging solutions space wherein creative new business models and innovative products are a trend. A recurring trend throughout the EV ecosystem is product pollution – multiple products in the same space or a product for each challenge in the ecosystem. New start-ups should either offer a competitive difference or look into existing white spaces such as integrated sustainable mobility access solutions. OEMs should either collaborate or partner with service providers and suppliers to create an ecosystem of sustainable products and services through investments or acquire start-ups in the battery tech and charging ecosystem areas to enhance the customer experience.



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