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North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) Highlights, 2019

Stable demand for SUVs, Rising Appeal of Performance Cars, and Next Generation Vehicle Electrification in the Spotlight
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Published: 8 Feb 2019

2019 Annual North American Auto Show hosted in Detroit highlights are depicted in this report. The show has reached its 30th year as of today, and this year, the auto show hosted 30 new model displays, a little less than previous years due to its significant calendar change from winter to summer from next year onwards. The auto show consists gala of legendary cars display, main show with new car models (2019-2020) showcase, Automobili-D that gives a chance to meet with over 65 auto suppliers, Techstars that involves promising technology startups, investments and announcements from volume OEMs. Universities and municipal desks have contributed in great amount to the show as well. This report includes all fore mentioned events and their segmentation analysis for new car model list and their attribution, automotive supplier’s attendance profile and their area of focus, start-ups companies and their technology sophistication in both manufacturing and driving solutions, important mobility announcement analysis. Main focus of new models are grouped as performance cars from Ford Mustang, Toyota Supra, Subaru STI, Lexus RC F; upgraded SUV model stocks that responds high demand Ford Explorer, Cadillac XT, Kia Telluride, Ram; concept cars with high design elements GAC Entranze, Infiniti QX, Lexus LC, Nissan IMS; Sedans & Hatchbacks - Hyundai Elantra, Lincoln Continental, Volkswagen Passat. This year Volkswagen is the only European brand that attended to auto show. An analysis of Ford and Volkswagen possible partnership announcement at the show has been included. Electrification played a significant role this year with robotic pods for various purposes that are enhanced with upgraded AI and machine learning technologies. Even though the consumer technology companies showcased their capabilities at CES 2019 a week before NAIAS happened in Las Vegas, VR and the real time 3D imaging, simulations extended into auto show too and this time showed ADAS and high tech virtual showroom solutions. Autonomous features are attributed frequently by referring the previous incidents happened due to low coverage sensor integration and companies are willing to eliminate these error points with several new offerings that is included in this study. Organizers are hopeful for next year’s summer event with more dynamic displays which are limited due to harsh weather conditions in January north east weather. Growth opportunities for OEMs, suppliers and start ups with key strategic conclusions are given at the end of this report. From next year on wards, organizers are hopeful for next year’s summer event with more dynamic displays which are limited due to harsh weather conditions in January north east weather. Author: Melek Ozturk



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