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Global Strategic Analysis of Usage-based Insurance Market for Passenger Vehicles, Forecast to 2025

Hardware-agnostic Solutions and Data Analytics Expected to Disrupt the Connected Insurance Market
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Published: 22 Aug 2018

The strategic analysis of the Usage Based Insurance (UBI) market offers a 360-degree perspective of the connected insurance policies answering questions, such as: Where are the avenues for growth opportunities? What trends are affecting the growth of the market in different regions? It discusses the outlook for technologies such as telematics-based pay as you drive (PAYD) and pay how you drive (PHYD) solutions. The research also looks into key market participants who are and will impact the future of the motor insurance market. UBI utilizes data that is gathered from smartphones, telematics devices, sensors, and applications analyzing driving behavior, including speeding and braking behaviors. Based on safe driving behavior (identified from the data gathered from an array of IoT devices mentioned above), a customer with a safe driving behavior is given a reward-based discounts or lower premium. This research highlights market, technology, and regional trends so the reader will understand where opportunities await in the market. Top trends include data-enabled use cases, data monetization, and scenarios of technologies such as blockchain with case studies from top automakers. The forecasts for connected insurance policies are provided from 2017 to 2025 along with market share of telematics service providers and also insurance companies. The study also analyzes different devices required for data extraction and the pros and cons of each kind of device. Emphasis has been laid on smartphone as a sensor for data collection and the dongle market scenarios. Furthermore, this study features important case studies of telematics service providers and insurance companies by looking into company portfolio of solutions and services, key associations in the industry, and also future outlooks. Device preference for connected insurance and the movement towards embedded telematics units in Europe are highlighted – for example, the eCall impact on insurance. Car companies are evolving from the business of merely manufacturing and selling cars to providing related services and multi-modal mobility solutions to target new customers and future-proof their business. This research service focuses on different new business models which are on demand. Association with the connected market is made which resonates with the addressable market. Specific angles to data monetization are analyzed, which translates into newer business models. Autonomous insurance philosophies and crash reconstruction using smartphone models and AI are also discussed in the study. Start-ups disrupting the insurance domain with innovative business models and on-demand schematics have been analyzed. Country profiles especially those of Italy and US have been analyzed as well and the next growth areas are identified as a part of this geographical research.



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